Peavey Tour 810

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  1. What is the story with this cab? I have come across a used one and can't find ANYTHING at all about it. There is 1 short thread on here where someone asks about it vs an ampeg but other than that (and the for sale one online), its like it never existed. This cab has NEO speaks in it and claims to handle a ton of power. Does anyone know anything about this cab at all? Is it complete garbage? Did people just not get into it because its Peavey? I just have this gut feeling that it couldn't have been THAT bad the lack of presence anywhere makes me wonder. I'm really curious.
  2. rizzo9247


    Nov 24, 2008
    My only experience is with a tour 410. It was fairly lightweight and sounded really good with my VB-2, but not so great with others
  3. Haha. :) Maybe I will just have to be the one to buy this thing and be the one who knows something about it.
  4. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    I played with a guy who had two of the Peavey Tour 2 X 10 cabs. I thought they sounded pretty good. They had Neo's in them, they were light and U.S. made and they were priced to be very affordable. I remember them being marketed with the VB2 Tube head. Of that original Tour Series line only VB2 is still around. Peavey only made them for a year or two so they aren't that common.

    I'm just speculating here but I think Peavey pulled the plug on them because they were losing money on the cabinet line. They were U.S. built and they competed directly with sales of the more expensive Pro Series.
  5. Well, After sitting on this for a week I think I'm going to pull the trigger on it. Unless someone can give me a reason why it would be a terrible idea. (It's online for $300. I can't test it but I can return it ). I figure if it sucks I will just return it. Right?
  6. 300 bucks for an 810,seems like a good deal....if it's peaveys gear that competes with other brands pro lines,it must have been designed fairly well,and peavey builds stuff well.....worst case,sell it for $350.....i wonder what the world would be like if ampeg designed stuff and hartley built 'em....
  7. A 200lb fridge that could double as a wrecking ball. ;)

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