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Peavey USA T-20 --- Natural with Maple

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by MNAirHead, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    Peavey USA T-20
    $250+ Offers or Trades

    After shipping the last 10 basses from my coolection, I received several requests of what would be available next.

    I just dropped the T-20 to my preferred Luthier for a neck straightening. When it returns, I will strobe tune the bridge.

    The following T-20 just closed on Ebay for about $300 shipped.


    NOTE - These are the Ebay pix.. I can take pix of the T-20 when it returns.

    Feedback from Other Basses in My Collection

    About My Basses
    In any given week I will be playing folk, contemporary jazz, church sessions and rock gigs. I use a digital biamp amplifier. To get tonal differences to fit the genre, basses are rotated for the gig or session. I do not own basses that require a "backup". All instruments must remain in tune.


    In the next few months, the music type will change. I have recently 5-string acoustic fretless and custom-shop 4, 5, and 6 neck through electrics. The following basses are now on the for sale list.

    I want you to be happy with your new gear. If it helps you, we can talk on the phone for a few minutes.

    General Information

    I am the original owner of this bass.

    This dates back to the 70s. If memory serves corrctly this is the first Peavey to have Super Ferrites and is the only one with the unique thumb anchor ring.

    Overall this bass has received about 60 hours of playing.

    Color Natural Ash
    Hardware Chrome
    Strings Roundwounds
    Case Hardshell Available (different ads)
    Modifications None
    Inlay Dots

    Neck, Action and Intonation
    The neck is a standard. The neck is slightly thinner and slightly narrower than a PBass -not a pencil like a Dyna.

    This stays in tune and is very balanced up the neck.

    Finish Notes
    Being an antique collector, I avoid any synthetic polishes. I do not play hard or with a pick.

    This finish has indentations from buckles.. it isn't missing finishish - just indentations.

    The bass is wiped down with a microfiber cloth after use. I'll use a solvent to clean the mple fret board.

    Sound and Tone
    In my bass fleet, I’ve used this for rock and country situations where a big PBass sound was wanted.

    This has not been modified. Pots are in typical condition for it's age.

    I do not play with a pick. I never had issues with this bass at stage volumes.

    This guitar has always remained in a climate controlled hard-shell case. This guitar is used and is 25+ years old. Please expect it to not be factory perfect.


    Storage and Maintenance
    All of my guitars are stored in hard-shell cases vertically. Before playing, they remain in the case for an hour to acclimate to the environment. After playing, they are wiped down with a microfiber cloth. Truss rod adjustments and intonation are performed annually. To help preserve the factory finish, I do not use any polishes. Natural oils are periodically applied to the fretboards.

    You will receive the guitar wrapped in sheet… the guitar will then be bubble wrapped.. the rest of the case will have standard industrial packing material and box. If you have specific shipping requests I am willing to deliver to an UPS store. Insurance costs are not included and your responsibility. Greyhound has the best handling in the transport business, they charge about $50 to transport a guitar. Please allow a week for handling.

    I have some cases available in separate listings.

    Location and 3rd Party Inspection
    The guitars are located in St. Paul Minnesota you are welcome to visit and play them. If you are a longer distance away, Capitol Guitars will work with you on a 3rd party inspection. To help with my scheduling, please let me know a few days in advance.

    Paypal is preferred for speed and accuracy. Please include the make/model in both the subject and notes box on your paypal transaction.

    Trades and Wishlist
    Please PM me if you have any reasonable trades. To make things fair, I can trade multiple things for one of yours OR include cash/paypal.

    I’m looking for the following.
    • Micro Head (small power amplifier head)
    • Crate Power Block
    • Hoffner Violin (Beatle) Bass (yes can be an Icon - not pink)
    • Ibanez Artcore or Similar
    • USA Manufactured Peavey Basses
    • USA Telecaster
    • Quality Straps
    • Strings

    Other Items for Sale

    To save on shipping, please consider combining with the following.

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