SOLD Peavey VB-2 All Tube Bass Amp, 225 Watts

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    (If some of the text looks familiar, it's because I borrowed some...)

    This is an all tube amp, made in the USA.
    It can do 225 watts at 8, 4 or 2 Ohms.
    High and low gain channels; effects loop; semi-parametric midrange; resonance and presence controls; DI output on the back.

    This amp saw very little use in the years that I had it (I bought it new). Rarely pushed hard, that's not my style.
    The Tolex has two damaged spots (see photos) but is otherwise in excellent shape.

    Price is $500 firm, plus actual shipping.
    I prefer to keep this a local sale as the shipping will not be cheap. If you're close enough (within 100 miles of San Diego) I may even deliver.

    PV VB2-1.JPG PV VB2-2.JPG PV VB2-3.JPG PV VB2-4.JPG PV VB2-5.JPG PV VB2-6.JPG PV VB2-7.jpg
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  3. Sold 02 August 2017 for $450.
    Thanks for playing along!