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Peavey vs Ibanez getting help- long venting.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nsmar4211, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. nsmar4211


    Nov 11, 2007
    Ok, I just have to vent. :) Long story short, Peavey beats out Ibanez for repairs and service so far in my limited experience.

    Long part:
    My original 4 string was a Peavey. It had issues eating batteries, I didn't know they shouldn't so didn't think anything was odd. Switched to 5, bought an Ibanez, brand new,tossed peavey in closet,. Ibanez starting having hum issue. Took it to luthier because I needed it for a gig that week, he did some shielding and put in new input jack, still humming. Told me it'd be 4-8 weeks for him to order preamp, told me Ibanez doesn't like to help out any luthier/person who isn't one of "their" people so he'd have a hard time getting info from them besides just buying parts. I.e. if he had any technical questions, didn't seem to happy about having to deal with Ibanez.

    In the meantime, I was on a Peavey forum and just for the heck of it, posted about the battery issue. Peavey responded within 24 hours to please call their service department. Ok, so I did. I got a reallly helpful gentleman named Steve. Keep in mind the peavey was out of warranty by then. Asked Steve if it was fixable-he told me actually it was a faulty part they didn't discover till the shipment had been distributed. I'm figuring, it's out of warranty, I'm sol. Nope! Peavey sent me a label and I sent off the 4 stringer. Also sent them a note asking if they could check the input jack cause it crackled a bit, I'd gladly pay for the repair. Got it back, no charge, and they'd fixed the battery issue, fixed the input jack, done a set up on it, tightened a loose tuner I forgot to mention, and a bunch of other little stuff I never asked them to fix! Wow....

    Back to ibanez. I talk to a few other luthiers who all told me same thing about them having trouble getting any info out of ibanez when they had technical questions. I head off to buy a new 5er. After what I'd gone through, I decided I'd rather go back with a Peavey. Try a couple local shops didnt see one I liked, go home, order one online rush delivery (had a gig). Bass shows up.... it's got some issues like a pot that turns too far, loose tuner, little stuff. I called Peavey and got Steve again. He was very helpful, told me I could either take it to a dealer and have their tech look at it or he could walk me through some stuff to try. So I had him walk me through tightening the stuff that had basically just come lose in shipping. While I was doing that, he put me on hold and called my local dealer to see when their tech would be in for me. He talked to the tech, got me the techs name, told me his schedule, got the direct line phone number, etc. Told me if the tightening didn't work, take it in immediatly. Basically, he did everything he could to make me happy and get my bass fixed. Now that's customer service.

    Fast forward: Got a little money together, decide I still liked the Ibanez and wanted to see about fixing it. When I called Ibanez recently about the original bass, once the guy (no names, I won't toss him under the bus) found out it was out of warranty he pretty much dismissed me. All I wanted was to find out how much the preamp would be and would it really take 4-6 weeks. After I told him I had taken it to the highest recommended luthier in the area already, he tells me three or four times to take it in and get someone to look at it. DUH. I just told you I already did that. After I told him I was very frustrated with Ibanez, he started kinda trying to help. He gives me the name of a local dealer and tells me to call them and find out who they'd recommend locally. *sigh* I just told you I went to the highest recommended one (and yes, turns out the employees of that store were some of the peeps recommending him). And I told you I already took it in, I'm just trying to find out about the preamp. He finally gives me a part number, tells me it's out of stock, 4-6 weeks. Tells me I can order it myself, would pay tax and shipping. Shipping? sheesh on a $112 dollar part you'd expect free shipping......but I digress.

    Won't even go into the forum experience of now they're telling me that the part I need (a different number than guy on phone gave) is indeed in stock. Waiting to hear which one I really need.....can't even get the part numbers right out of em....

    Heck, even my acoustic guitar Ibanez I bought had a problem. The neck block shifted after a little over a year, something that shouldn't happen for many many many years. I got grilled by luthier about storage conditions, but it'd only even gone out of the house twice :). Luckily I had gotten the 2 year guitar center warranty. I call GC warranty, tell them the issue. They say take it in and let them look at it. Go down, they look at it, tell me ok, we'll get ahold of Ibanez and get a repair authorization. It's going to take a bit, in the meantime take the guitar home and wait for a label to arrive. GC very helpful, gets me packing materials and everything. . A few weeks later, I get a random check in the mail. I call warranty to see if that's what it was for (there was no invoice or anything).... the warranty lady told me (off the record) they were having such a hard time getting Ibanez to agree to repair it that they just decided to do a refund for me instead. Heck, they didn't even make me send the guitar in at that point! (found out if I tuned it down to C it was playable LOL......metal acoustic anyone?!).

    When the dealer can't even get it fixed....and the local guys have bad experiences... wow. Anyway, the whole experience is leaving me sour. I call Peavey and get all the help they can give, they personally get in touch with their local people for me, they do more than I'd expect from a manufacturer. I call Ibanez and have to pull info out tooth and nail and feel dismissed. The only reason I'm keeping the Ibanez at this point is it was my first 5er and I'm attached.

    So fair warning: Ibanez basses play great and sound good....but make sure you have somewhere local that's in good with someone at Ibanez or you'll have a hard time for repair. Peavey stands by their instruments and has a very helpful service department.

    IMHO, IME, etc.

    /rant :) :hyper:
  2. Bass-Adrenaline


    Jan 23, 2010
    Peavey instruments, the company, and the community are imo the best their is.
  3. Nice Rant.
    Yes, Peavey will beat just about anybody in customer service.
    Ibanez needn't be singled out in this regard.
  4. nsmar4211


    Nov 11, 2007
    Keith: yea, but Ibanez is who else I'm dealing with :). I learned something about Ibanez..their parent company makes Tama drums (hoshinogakki..... pronounce that!). Has no bearing on this......just useless info. :D

    Is peavey this good with their amps/speaker products also?
  5. Totally agree!

    I pick up my Peavey bass way many more times than I do my Fender or Ibanez basses. I can almost swear that my 80s Fury has the same maple fretboard of an American Fender Jazz for about $1000 less. The sound is outta this world. I'm constantly hunting down vintage Peavey basses.

    Way to go Meridien, Mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Droopy


    Oct 18, 2009
    I ordered a new bridge Ibanez and gave up on ever getting it. Six months later it was at my door step, Sweet!
  7. yep, they are great, I had a power amp and they fixed it for me when the caps blew free of charge, and I was the second owner!
  8. MadMan118


    Jan 10, 2008
    Vallejo, CA
    Peavey is a good company and I've got years of good service out of their products and their service is top notch. But on the flip side I've only had one issue with Ibanez and the situation was dealt with quickly and professionally. Though recently I have noticed some lax policies in Ibanez's quality control that I am less than pleased about.
  9. If I were you I'd replace the Ibanez's preamp with an aguilar. It will be just as flexible if not more, and remarkably quiet. That way you can really improve your bass, and not have to deal with Ibanez. Their wiring diagrams are available online. Finally, the price is in the same ballpark as the stock preamp.
  10. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    When I worked in the retail music scene at Thoroughbred, Peavey was always Johnny on the spot when it came to their customer service. Ibanez was a completely different story. They hardly ever returned emails, could never get through to who we needed to, would take forever getting us parts we needed. From what I hear Ibanez still has very poor customer service and is still acting in the aforementioned ways.
  11. Well done Peavey !!

    Its always very impressive to hear a story that shows a companies commitment to customer service .
  12. Ibanez equipment has never impressed me, neither looks, sound, or playing-wise.

    OTOH, I've owned Peavey basses and amps, and every piece of equipment has always been 1st rate. I can't comment on Peavey c/s, because I've never needed them. There have been no issues (ok, killed a few Peavey BW speakers, replaced the baskets, & moved on)

    This thread just reinforces my decision to buy Peavey: the true test of a company is what happens when things don't go right. Peavey: 1st class, Ibanez: also ran...just like their instruments....all IMO, of course...

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