For Sale Peavey XR1220 20 Channel Powered Mixer - with gig bag (local Philly sale)

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    This has been a great mixer for our band (which alas is no more). Bought it new a few years ago, and it's in perfect working condition, well cared for. It's got a lot of great features, and Peavey stuff is built tough, as you probably know. Asking 825 with gig bag, and don't want to ship, so Philly area sale only.


    Kill Feedback and Sweeten Your Sound -- No Outboard Gear Needed!
    The Peavey XR1220 powered mixer is a sturdy and powerful console unit with 20 balanced XLR input channels. Each channel comes with its own 4-band EQ, while the board comes with a dual 9-band master EQ that's handy for tuning your live PA system. And when it comes to driving that PA system, the XR1220 powered mixer utilizes Peavey's very own 4-ohm Class D amplifiers, capable of delivering an impressive 600 watts of clean, clear sound to each stereo channel. It is astoundingly lightweight for its power rating at 25 pounds.

    Straightforward I/O For Any Live or Studio Application
    The layout of the Peavey XR1220 mixer is set up to give you 5 primary ways of using its outputs: Left & Right; Left & Right with Subwoofer; Main & Monitor; Main & Monitor with Subwoofer; and Monitor 1 and Monitor 2. There are 2 monitor sends, 1 EFX send, a Pan pot, and PFL and Mute switches. There is a footswitch input as well that can used for defeat and tap functions.

    The XR1220 boasts several unique features that set it apart from similar powered mixers:

    4-Band EQ -- Plus Peavey's Mid-Morph Control
    The 4-band EQ on each of the XR1220's channels comes with a knob control that engages Peavey's proprietary Mid-Morph technology. You'll find this knob fun to play with, as it redistributes midrange frequencies for a different overall sound depending on the situation. When you turn the Mid-Morph knob to the left, it cuts 2 kHz from the mids to reduce harshness in vocals and other instruments. When you turn it to the right, you get a boost around 4 kHz, which can help bring vocals and other lead instruments more to the forefront.

    Onboard Effects for the Real World
    The XR1220 also boasts highly usable digital FX. Sweeten your sound with Reverb, Delay, Parallel Reverb + Delay, Tap Delay, and Chorus. Each of these has numerous presets, all easily accessible from the FX section of the console. User Parameters on each effect allow you to set reverb time, delay feedback, and more.

    Feedback Ferret: The Live Sound Engineer's Best Friend
    The XR1220's Feedback Ferret technology utilizes complex, intelligent filtering algorithms identify and duck frequencies that would be potentially unpleasant in performance. They notch down almost instantaneously, eliminating feedback before it can form. The algorithm continuously scans for these frequencies and then releases the filters when the feedback has ceased.

    Auto EQ: Tune the Room with Real-Time Analysis
    The Peavey XR1220's Auto EQ feature makes setting up compatible RTA microphones super-easy, by performing two tests on the input signal. The first test silently pushes the whole system into feedback and then scans for the most commonly troublesome frequencies and then de-attenuates them back at normal dynamic range. The second test outputs a blast of pink noise, and measures the frequency response of the attached speakers. If you have a microphone attached, the mic will auto-scan the response in the room and then reduce peaks as necessary.

    - 20 XLR mic channels
    - Dual 4 ohm 600W lightweight Class D output
    - XLR Main outputs
    - XLR monitor outputs
    - Balanced FX output
    - Unbalanced phono outputs
    - 1/4-inch TRS headphone output
    - 4-band EQ on input channels
    - Dual 9-band graphic EQ
    - Proprietary Mid-Morph Boost
    - Proprietary Feedback Ferret
    - Digital Reverb, Delay, Reverb + Delay, Tap Delay, and Chorus
    - Rack mountable
    - Two monitor sends
    - Dedicated FX return fader
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    Not really looking for any, but it can't hurt to ask.
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    Mar 13, 2006
    Philly suburb
    Still available.
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    Mar 13, 2006
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    Price drop to $750.
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    Mar 13, 2006
    Philly suburb