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  1. DO any of my fellow funkateers know anything about peaveys 412 cab? heard its was a dream for 5 strings the 12's seem to handle that low B string with more punch less strain.On your voice coil and and more depth at low volumes from what Im told does any one have or want to sell the one they have???
  2. xHarperx

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    May 8, 2001
    buy a 15" cab if u want deep bass it's what u want!
  3. THE 15" CAB ITS TO MUCH MUDD FOR THE ROOM I PLAYING IN. WHat Im talking about Is the full spectrum freqency range.I have the 4x10 15" sub set up now. And its to muddy I thought maybe someone out there had used the peavey 4x12 and had some good vibes about it!!!!
  4. Mario Lewis

    Mario Lewis

    Jul 6, 2001
    Clinton, MD
    I had a Peavey 412. LOVED IT!! It covers the total spectrum with punch and clarity. And it has the power capacity to boot. It was made for a Mackie 1400i. Had to let it go though. The weight issue was too much. That thing weighs close to if not more than 100 pounds. And I, being my own roadie, had to opt for smaller and lighter. But now I'm pushing 2 Epifani 212's and I'm feeling that nirvana again. However this time, it is considerably more Hi Fi. 12's really do it for me. The depth of 15's with the punch of 10's. If you don't mind the weight ans size, go for it.
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    Jun 13, 2000
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    My guess is that the muddiness is comin from your amp set up rather than your cabs. Check that before you go laying out more cash.

  6. and LOVED it!! Couldn't believe how ALIVE it sounded. I'd say get it if you want it, it's an awesome piece of gear. I too, like 12's. As for deepness, I don't agree with the 15"/18" attitude out there. I've heard some great 4x10's that had all the boom you'd ever want. I think it has more to do with cabinet size/design/and porting than the size of the drivers, to a point (a 2" driver wouldn't do it, no!).

    Rock on...

  7. Yeah, they do a great job with 5's. I can rearrange the furniture in my house with mine, and you dont have to turn it up too far to do it either!! They are heavy though, mine is 127lbs. Peavey sure makes a great cab. They are rock solid, and sound great. They are very underrated..