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  1. sgiacomo

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    Feb 26, 2012
    Any thoughts on these amps? The amp doesn't work, more than a blown fuse he thinks it's transformers. Seems kinda cool just not sure if its worth messing with. Thanks!

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  2. I have one of these, the manual is at the Peavey site under the model name "the Bass".

    Puts out 210 watts into 2 ohms, around 140 or so into 4 ohms. It has some neat channel-combining features but you must have the rather rare footswitch to make the channel-combining work to its full potential.

    There's only one transformer, this is a solid-state amp. I have the schematic. It has inductors for the 6 tone controls, rather unusual.

    If you are good at fixing amps yourself, this might be OK if you get it cheap, if the transformer is OK. If the transformer is truly dead this amp is practically worthless.

    If you have to pay somebody to work on it, the repair bill will be far more than it's worth (even if the transformer is OK).
  3. sgiacomo

    sgiacomo Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2012
    Thanks man. It belonged to my uncle, schematics would be great. I'm pretty handy at fixesÂ…
  4. PM me with an email address and I'll be glad to send it to you. Do you have a digital multimeter (volts and ohms) and soldering iron?

    If you're close to Nashville I could take a look at it for you.
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    If you can get it working, you can get a footswitch from voodooman switches.
  6. sgiacomo

    sgiacomo Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2012
    Cool, gonna try met weekend, tanks!
  7. Schematic is on its way.