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Peavy cirrus bxp bridge pickup noise

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Sahe_Bassist, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Hey everybody,
    The bridge pickup in my Peavy cirrus bxp has allot of static like noise. I've opened it up, changed batteries, cleaned everything with contact cleaner, checked connections to everything. my best guess here is that either the blend pot is going bad or there is a problem in the pre amp or pickup.

    It only makes the noise when the blend pot is in the center (both pups) or soloing the bridge, putting it on the neck pickup side cuts all the noise out. The noise (when you can hear it) doesn't effect the signal, like say a scratchy pot would (cut in and out, ect). I could describe it as a "dirty" electrical signal, where as going to the neck pup sounds like a "clean" signal.

    Any ideas? Similar problems?

    Also, since the "blend" pot is really more if a selector pot (right of center is neck / center is both / left of center is bridge), can I replace it with a 3 way switch?
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  3. Mine does the same exact thing. I've tried cleaning the selector with Deoxit and nothing changed, which means its not dirt or oxidation. My Cirrus BXP has a headstock repair so I'm not keen on spending money on it but I was contemplating a 3 way switch too. That should solve the issue.
  4. hmm, at least it isnt just mine. anyone else have any ideas or have changed to the 3 position switch?
  5. i went ahead and ordered a blend pot of the same spec as the one in the peavey. it should be here in a few days and i will switch it out and see if it was the blend pot.
  6. pots came in the mail yesterday, ill be changing them out tonight or tomorrow and reporting back shortly after that.
  7. changed the blend pot last night, and while i definetly did a cleaner soldering job than what was in it and the new pot is much nicer, it did not fix the problem.

    from looking at the circuit, the blend and volume pots are before the pre-amp. this leads me to believe that the noise is coming from the actual pickup itself. if it were in the pre-amp, i imagine it would make that noise regardless of which pickup is on.

    peavey cirrus pups dont show up used too often around here, i may have to try and call peavey and see if i can buy a new one.


    cant find the pickups on TB or ebay, so i called peavey @ 601-483-5365.

    Part # 75028022, $71.99.

    other stuff to look for from peavey so i dont have to dig later-

    milli pre - 99099040, $51.64
    knobs - black chrome
    top - 75025021 $6.04 x 1
    bottom - 75025022 $5.35 x1
    dome - 75025010 $7.27 x 4
  8. just to add, the part # above is for the 5/6 string cirrus models

    the 4 string vfl pickup part # is : 75028027, $84.99
  9. cirrusbxp


    Sep 10, 2016
    Did you guys figure this out? Mine 4 string is making noise as well, and I haven't invested too much time into the issue. I've noticed that the static is intermittent and sometimes stops when after with the cable

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