Peavy Fury 6 vs. Ibanez SR406 results

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by allan grossman, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. Well, I got the Fury 6 I accidentally purchased today, played it for a half hour and then listed it on eBay.

    The thing had a fairly nice neck and a really quiet preamp but I now understand what a floppy B string is and I couldn't get nearly the bite out of it that I can get with my SR406 - so now there's a half-hour old Fury 6 on eBay :)

    It's a nice bass for a beginner - but I didn't like the EQ or the B string on it - it also felt a little more cramped than my SR406 does - I think that's because the long top horn pushes the bass back a little farther than I prefer. I guess I'd rather have the 12th fret a little farther away from my body. It'd be a great starter six-string for a smaller person.

    Fit and finish were okay but I think my SR406 is a little better match for me. The pewter finish on bridge and tuning keys might take a little getting used to, though.

    I'm still looking for a Cirrus 6 and I have a set of Barts ordered for the SR406 (and will put a preamp in it if I need to) - but for someone who wants more thump than bite the Fury might be a good choice.

    I'm almost finished with G. A. S. - all I need is a Cirrus 6, to finish modifying the SR406 and keep it as a backup, and I'm looking for a four-string bass for strictly speed and slap - and that one will probably be a Fender (heaven forbid). There are a couple of tasty four-strings on eBay for cheap, though ;)