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  1. ryno4150


    Jul 18, 2013
    I have a peavey 8600 a bbc sonic maximizer a 2 channel crossover and three power amps I should only need two power amps one for back up my question is do I run my mixer on main moniter or just main I want to be able to control what goes through my moniters I have 4 moniters and 2 mains with 2 subs my crossover has high balanced high non balanced low balanced and low non balance i been running from main out to my maximize with a splitter to my crossover to the power amp to my subs running my mains and mon off the peavey i want to run my mains off another amp and use the peavey to run my moniters but i want to be able to balance everything and hear my guitars through the moniters but not overpower the mains ? how should i set this up ?:rolleyes:
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    Jul 8, 2008
    Wow ... punctuation is your friend. Try it!
  3. not entirely sure I get all of your intent - but........
    I have an XR8600 and have done this.....

    Main out (front panel) - sent signal to crossover in......
    lows to power amp - to sub(s)
    highs went back in to power amp 1 and 2 - to mains (tops)

    Monitor (on front) out -
    into power amp to 4 monitors

    I have used additional EQ - between Xover back into power amps and between monitor out and power amp(s)

    This may not be optimal - but was VERY functional.

    It worked for me -

    On a X-over with two inputs - I used a Y splitter if needed

    Going back into power amp 1 and 2 lets you use internal amps - and eq for mains. You use existing speaker outs on rear panel - set PA to MAIN/Main to get the most clean power. You only need power amp for subs and monitors with this setup.

    You can also set it to Main/mon and come out of X-Over into power amp 1 (I believe) and Daisey chain the mains. I like this if you only need 2 monitors - If you need 4 - I would run them to an external amp -
  4. ryno4150


    Jul 18, 2013
    im thinking if I run my main out to a crossover with a splitter then run from lows to power amp 1 to subs. highs to power amp 2 for my mains running my 8600 on mon main separate the amps. then run two monitors off the mon side and 2 side fills off the main side from the back of the 8600 and would have mon out to run an extra amp to more moniters if I want. I find when I run the power amps on main main I get more power but cant control the moniters seperatley it bleeds into the main mix and when I mic the guitars they overpower the vocals does that sound like a good idea? I want to be able to run my sound from stage easily otherwise I will just buy a mixer I have plenty of power amps just tryn to avoid paying a sound man as well I don't need lots of crazy effects either
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    Jul 18, 2013
    im tryn to set it so my drummer can hear my guitar through his monitor for cases where I cant put the amps behind the drums because of space but not run so much guitar through the mains to where im overpowering the vocals
  6. Keep it simple - it will pay you back.

    I never had a problem with anything bleeding, so I can't say. I use a Carvin 12 channel mixer most of the time now, but kept the 8600 as a backup and for gigs I dont' use the sub(s) on. The 8600 is a workhorse, simple, and pretty versatile, but not a "do-all" piece of equipment. It is probably doing what you are asking but at some point you are only going to get what you are going to get.

    Something we did in a case where there just wasn't enough space to setup like we wanted - was to use a second set of speaker stands and pointed a set of monitors back at us from behind the mains. It worked like a charm - no feedback and everyone could hear everything. also made it easier for the drummer to hear everything without having to make the stage god-awful loud.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    thanks that's pretty much what im doing is running a few speakers on stands as side fills so everyone can hear I like the peavey its simple and easy to run sound from stage i think i wil get a mixing board with effects i def want carvin or ahmaha nothing crazy 16 channels will do