Pedal-based Headphone Amps - OBNE vs Mooer vs Saturnworks

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Daniel Evan R, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. I'm really interested in a clean, simple, pedal-sized 9v supply powered headphone amp to use at the end of my effects chain for silent practicing. No cab sim, or the option to turn off a cab sim, is very important as I'll be using it with both both my bass and guitar pedalboards. I've narrowed down my search to three similarly featured and priced pedals - the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Headphone Amp, the Mooer Audiophile, and the Saturnworks Headphone Amp - and want to know if anyone has hands-on experience with any of them. Before anyone suggests it, I'm not interested in the PJB BigHeads or the Ashdown Tone pocket because of their respective formats, costs, and power requirements.
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    Did you decide on one?
  3. I've ended up actually really just using and liking my Boss GT-1B as a "practice amp" replacement! I did have a chance to try the OBNE and really liked it for what it is, but in the end it wasn't entirely what I thought I needed. I've heard the Saturnworks is really good too - I think it would be a tossup between those two and from what I can tell you wouldn't go wrong with either choice