For Sale/Trade Pedal board-dark glass-aguilar -etc

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by bassballs75, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Mar 14, 2014
    New Jersey
    WIN_20170306_172911.JPG WIN_20170304_132758.JPG WIN_20170304_132804.JPG WIN_20170304_132829.JPG WIN_20170304_132840.JPG WIN_20170304_132857.JPG WIN_20170225_100552.JPG Monster board-I priced everything on this board between TB and EBay and lowered my price still lower. This thing is bad ass only needs a compressor to start the chain.
    Voodoolab P2ptons of head room and still ports open for use includes box and every cord imaginable-$110

    Rocktron-hypnotic flange-made for guitar but used by many bassist before flanges were made for bass. Hypnotic button makes the pedal-think-no more tears to save a prayer-$45

    Aguilar-Optimizer-tried a ton of Oct pedals out this is by far the best and especially good at loud volumes which almost none of the others I tried were-$110

    Dark Glass-Duality-nothing needs to be said the best in the business put a quality comp before it and do all the djenting your little heart desires-$150

    Boss dynamic wah-great auto wah with cool vocal option -$50

    Boss chromatic tuner-Industry standard very easy to use with great tuning options-$50

    AMT bass crunch-the hidden gem on this board I read many reviews and was skeptical before buying and my fav pre/fuzz ever,was a staple to my sound for many years, very dynamic in its features and buries any SVT or clone pre. Unparalleled EQing options. GREAT fuzz to extreme distortion or just EQ-$150 (not 100% on selling this one yet)

    Electro harmonics el nano-freeze-really cool pedal to lay a sonic bed when guitars goes in for a lead great latching option especially when used with volume pedal-$120

    TC Spark-almost transparent boost adds slight high end snap I used to cut through bottom heavy guitar riffs-$50

    Iguana Tail looper 5-set it and forget it-set your pedals feed them into this and punch in and out or stack effects with reaching around your board and turning on wrong effect or screwing up preset know on pedals priceless absolutely necessary -$120

    Transparent board with back lit blue LEDs-speaks for itself-badass always got compliments on the blue light when the stage lights went low-$100

    No longer gigging so down sizing to apartment rig

    Total board $1060 will include cables some high end some not for $1000 + shipping on all prices if separate

    Thank you for not low balling I did my research and all prices are a few bucks below every price I saw

    May entertain trades but not for other pedals
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    Jul 7, 2014
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