Pedal board power supply questions-which way to go?

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  1. I've been doing a lot of research here and all over the web and I thought I would bug you guys for some input.

    I'm putting together a smallish pedal board and wondering which of these two options is better........

    My local store has a Gator G-Bus 8 in stock, which would be the logical way to go since I'm using a Gator pedalboard.

    The other option is to use a 1000mA multi-adaptor to power my Strobostomp tuner, and then use the tuner"s DC output with a daisy chain to power everything else on my board.

    Would there be any advantage to using the Gator vs. the daisy chain? 1000mA will more than power everything on my board, and I don't need 18v either. How about hum or noise issues? I read that the Gator's outputs aren't isolated like some of the better power supplies like the Voodoo Labs. Not sure if the multi-adaptor is regulated or not, but I doubt it.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I do believe that with the two options you provided there are little differences between them. I would save the $ and daisy off the tuner. It'll look cleaner too.
  3. Daisy it. You'll have no problem.
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    yup,...exactly the same.

    The G-Bus-8 is literally a daisy chain in a box. I think it has a higher current output (1700 mA) but if the OP is only using a few low current draw pedals, should be a problem.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! Daisy chain it is then. I'll probably order up the Voodoo Labs at some point down the road, but its nice to save some cash in the meantime.

    The 'ol wallet has been taking a bass, head, and pedal board all in the last two weeks.

  6. jwr


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    I daisy chain into my voodoo labs. Have a one spot (which has 8 power outs) hooked in. No power issues to speak of unless I have more than 7 pedals on at the same time. Which never happens for me.
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    i bought a one spot years ago and told myself that when i need a voodoo labs pedal power i'd buy one. i've played 100's of gigs since then and i've never once thought of replacing the one spot. it handled all my 9v needs with no issues.
  8. Is the one spot regulated?
  9. Yes it is
  10. Ah, thanks. I've been looking at the Sanyo Pedal Juice in my interweb travels......that thing looks pretty sweet as well.
  11. kenstee


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    You should also consider the TRex Fuel Tank Jr. for $99. Has 5 outputs with 120mA per output. Perfect for daisy chaining. Comes with plenty of 9v cables, a daisy chain cable as well as a Y cable to use two outputs to power a 18v pedal. Isolated outputs. Quiet. Easy to velcro/dual lock it under or on top of a PedalPower or some other board.
  12. IMO, the main reason for using a power brick is for higher than 9V output. Since I have none of those, I'm using a 1-Spot and a Fulltone 9V wart (two different boards) and have had zero issues with either.
  13. L-A


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    Use a power supply if you need different voltages (or reversed polarity) across your pedals. Otherwise, just make sure your ground is decent.
  14. Thanks for the input fellas. I hooked everything up to the mult-adapter last night and tested it out. I had a pretty annoying hum going on.

    So, since I sold one of my basses yesterday, and I'd had a few beers by this point, I hopped onto the Net and ordered up a Voodoo Lab PP2. Should be here tomorrow.

    Problem solved I'd say.
  15. Looked into this one, it was out of stock until April sometime.
    Too bad.