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Pedal Board Power Supply

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by badboy1984, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. badboy1984


    Mar 27, 2007
    United Kingdom
    I'm looking to buy a new DC to link all my pedal on the board so i don't have to use batteries on 2 of my pedals. I got 6 pedal on the board which I won't be adding more to it.

    I've saw the Jim Dunlop power pack but the unit cost £150 and I saw this on ebay


    Was wondering is it any good, also whats so good about the Jim Dunlop one.
  2. gm jack

    gm jack

    Oct 5, 2008
    Reading UK
    I would suggest the Diago Powerstation. Works fine for me, and has more current available than pretty much any other power supply (3000mA), allowing for more daisy chains to be added than is ever necessary. Luckily, the daisy chain it comes with has 6 outputs.
  3. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    The BBE is better and cheaper (for us). Separate outputs, more power, adjustable voltage and works equally well in 110 and 220.
  4. I had something similar to the one in the ebay link - works great. I also got what i believe to be a DC brick rip off (its plasic, but has 18v outputs too) - it worked like a charm but i think it couldnt handle the strain i put it under.

    Then i got a TREX fueltank Jr - its about £80 and the outputs are isolated and the thing is literally solid as a brick.
    the DC brick and the cheap power supplies i bought dont have isolated outputs - they're essentially daisy-chains in a box (although apparently the Brick has something else too but i dont think i ever found out what that was)

    The isolated outputs are important for me coz some stuff (especially some EHX stuff like the bass blogger and the XO Bass Micro Synth) will only run of isolated power supplies, which means extra wallwarts on top of the existing power supply. The isolated outputs means i can link 2 outputs together (with a y-cable) and run an 18v pedal too :)

    The FT jr doesnt have a massive MA output (125 ma to each output - and 5 outputs all together) though so you have to be careful what you daisychain/rig up to the supply - i discovered that my micropog is a bit of a guzzler and just freaks out with the FTjr which it never used to before.

    Now i've just bought the Fuel Tank Classic - and ive just discovered the 9v outputs dont have isolated ground, but the 9v section does have a total MA of 500MA which will hopefully be enough to power everything :S The Fuel Tank Classic also has a 12v power section which should be able to power my Pigtronix EP1

    i had assumed that the Fuel Tank Classic has all isolated outputs, finding that to be untrue may lead me to return it, but it does save me from needing an extra wall wart for the EP1
  5. 4StringsEnough


    Mar 9, 2008
    The one you link to on ebay says it only has 75ma outputs. That will be a problem if you're running any digital pedals.

    Try www.effectpowersupplies.com - I use one of theirs and it's great. It's not a brick but I prefer that. Though I think they've got bricks too.
  6. TheMutt

    TheMutt Guest

    Apr 28, 2007
    The DC Brick has outs for 9v and 18v for those pedals with 18v only power. The power supply you are looking at hs more mA per output, but only has 6 outputs. Should you need/want another pedal, you'd need another power source. I'd recommend the Visual Sound 1 Spot since that is what I used before switching over to a Voodoo Labs PP2+ due to having pedals that required 18v.
  7. +1 on the 1Spot, and/or a Fulltone regulated wart (I've got one of each). That and a daisy-chain is an inexpensive and reliable solution.

    - edit - I missed that you are in Britain until just now...are these available there?
  8. MetroBass


    Mar 26, 2008
    South of LA
    Hatred obscures all distinctions.
    The Godlyke Power-All is $30 (5 boxes) or $40 (11 boxes) has jumpers for the wierd jacks to make them 9vdc compatible and has adapters for boxes that don't have jacks, only batteries. Looks like a great way to go. Found them on eBay and Musicians Friend sites.
  9. badboy1984


    Mar 27, 2007
    United Kingdom
    Well I live in UK so not many choice for me when buying things like that. I only have 6 pedals which they all use 9v power. Currently uses a Small Warwick pedalboard with 4 output so 2 of my pedals are running batteries.

    the power brick i looking at is cheap and it seems it suits my needs, 6 9v output power with 75ma each so it seems fine.

    I gone ahead and bought it on ebay, will let you guys know if the power unit are any good or not. I won't loose much since is cheap unit.

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