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Pedal Breeders' BIG Board Club Part III

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by David Wilson, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Somnambulance

    Somnambulance Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2014
    Pretty sure mercury is or is about to be.
  2. Adamixoye

    Adamixoye A PT Pro is cool for worship, right?

    Apr 9, 2012
    Occasional Beta Tester for Confusion Studios, Singular Sound, and Source Audio
  3. bassvirtuoso

    bassvirtuoso My God, it's full of chrome! Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 28, 2006
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  4. BigBoyPete

    BigBoyPete Supporting Member

    May 17, 2018
    Initial Impressions of the C4 are great! It is a highly capable unit, I know I will have many hours of preset creation and tweaking. Since this is the beta release, there were only 3 presets provided, the rest is left to the community. I have created 3 patches so far, one of which I am really happy with. I believe this pedal will be heavily respected by those who are into this kind of thing. When I say it goes deep, I mean it goes DEEEP!
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  5. Teijo K.

    Teijo K. Commercial User

    Sep 8, 2014
    Jyväskylä, Finland
    Endorsing Artist: CCP
    DSC06798.JPG DSC06799.JPG DSC06801.JPG
    Really going for couple of smaller pt junior sized boards instead of a one huge board. Loving especially my new invention, blender/bypass looper built in a volume pedal. It is the cornerstone of the effect board. Similarly the more simple blender in the main board is the cornerstone of the main board that is actually more of a preamp than an effects board.

    Main board chain.
    FATM - FEA DE-CL - Blender
    loop 1 in the blender -Bug Caster
    loop 2 in the blender - Rodenberg GAS 808b- Rodenberg Commander -DIY one knob fuzz I call a Beatle fuzz- Manta
    Korg tuner.

    Effects board is still a work in progress. The basic structure is anyway that looper / blender thingie. At the moment the other loop in it is Zoom Multistomp and DOD 250 for overdrive and the other is Rams Head Muff in to reverb. Then just a clean boost after and a Hotone wally in a separate loop to round up things. I really want to update the wally next. Been eying a Ditto x4 to take its place. If I get one of those. I'll probably build a third board for that. Maybe something simple like a delay and whatnot along with the x4.
  6. BartmanPDX

    BartmanPDX Supporting Member

    Current board situation:


    Front board is 'essentials' gig board that fits in a PT mini case.

    Middle green board pedals are the ones I swap in and out on the gig board depending on what band I'm playing with and the mood I'm in.

    Top board is my experimental tone board which I use to mess around with modulation and synth stuff.

    Additional picture of the middle 'bullpen' board:

  7. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan bleep bloop Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2003
    New York
    small(ish) board that I put together for an upcoming private lesson with Billy Martin (of MMW)


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  8. scottm

    scottm Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Williamsburg, Virginia
    That looks tight, looks fun.

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  9. BigBoyPete

    BigBoyPete Supporting Member

    May 17, 2018
    I see that t16 has snuck its way into rotation.
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  10. Mosfed


    Apr 21, 2013
    Chamonix Mont-Blanc
    Partner - CCP Pedals
    Please give him my love - Federico
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  11. Teijo K.

    Teijo K. Commercial User

    Sep 8, 2014
    Jyväskylä, Finland
    Endorsing Artist: CCP
    Made a third board for bass, pre main board synth board.

    Loop - Zoom Multistomp- DIY In to the unknown guitar synth.

    Then I made a board for my fiancee, she wants to test effects with electric violin. So I put all the effects from drawer to that big board that was left unused.

  12. Teijo K.

    Teijo K. Commercial User

    Sep 8, 2014
    Jyväskylä, Finland
    Endorsing Artist: CCP
    I do have a problem thought. If I use the Zoom Multistomp in the beginning, I need a delay in the third board. Can't use a lot of money on it too, so I might build the Faux delay kit. The main thing is it can oscillate. Absolutely needed feature. And its cheap.

    The Faux - Delay kit, 25,00 €
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  13. handofseven

    handofseven Soaking up the cathode rays...

    Mar 23, 2010
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Damn! That's a nice price... Maybe I need to do some learning.
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  14. Bassheart365

    Bassheart365 Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    Northern California
    "A good bassist determines the direction of any band." - Ron Carter
    Loved my Cog Effects T-16 so much that I bought its big brother, a T-65. Both are my favorite octave pedals by a mile.
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  15. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan bleep bloop Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2003
    New York
    I love the tone on it. It is a little glitchy, but it does the natural octave tone really nice and the subby oc-2 side of the spectrum is there too in such a small package.
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  16. TonyP-

    TonyP- Excuse me but you have your I-IV-V in my II-V-I Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    Boston Mass
    A-Designs Mike Lull GK Tsunami Cables GHS Strings RMI Basswitch Nordstrand Pickups Darkglass
    Not on the HUGE size lol but a cool video none the less.
    Check out Tsunami Cables wiring up my Temple Audio board.

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  17. With all the deep dive and complex routing and layering aside...and let face it....this pedal offers a LOT of options. I was wondering how the stock Octaver sounds on it's own. Is it digital octave sounding or analogue sounding (OC-2 ish)? Either way, one of these is going on my board once they are readily available in the UK. I'm just kind of wondering if Digial octavers are at a level yet to kick an analogue octaver off my board...or not.
  18. bassmusic17


    Jan 15, 2011
    The boards.
    2503F9B6-9490-4228-BAD0-34B311499059. F79C67F8-3F56-4643-AB57-2D1BCB22AFF8.
  19. sillyfabe

    sillyfabe keeping the low-end silly since '06 Supporting Member

    Mar 13, 2009
    San Bernardino,CA



    Pedaltrain PT-Grande

    “Mr Sparkle” Way Huge Pork Loin (JohnK cap mod)
    TWA Great Divide 2.0
    Iron Ether Subterranea
    Earthquaker Devices Data Corruptor
    Broughton PLL
    Iron Ether FMeron
    Zvex Wooly Mammoth
    Zvex Mastotron
    Zvex Fat Fuzz Factory
    CoPilot Orbit
    Subdecay Octasynth
    MXR Blue Box Script (mods: -1/-2 oct switch,tone knob, C11,Orange LED)
    Subdecay Noisebox
    Fuzzrocious Rat-Tail (small enclosure, switch: silicon,LED,or none)
    Devi Ever Shoehazer Clone (Soda Meiser side has Vintage Fuzz Master switch, Torn Speaker has a bias knob)
    Way Huge Swollen Pickle: Dirty Donnie Edition
    Sovtek Death Star Muff (bias,oscillation,gate: Guttermouth. Rehouse/etch,proper jack orientation, lo/hi mids, Q1/Q2 resistor knobs, Tonebender footswitch, bigger caps: Acid Splash Designs).
    WMD Geiger Counter (bass mod: Danndubblewe)
    Bananana Matryoshka
    Digitech Bass Synth Wah
    Boss SYB-3 Bass Synth
    Behringer BSY-600 Bass Synth "Bass-O Tron" (rehoused/etched by Dannbubblewe)
    Pigtronix Mothership 2
    Pigtronix Ringmaster
    “MST3K”EHX Bass Micro Synth XO (etched: Danndubblewe)
    PandaMidi Future Impact(Compact)
    Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer
    Source Audio Manta Bass Filter
    Subdecay Prometheus
    WMD Super Fatman
    Fuzzrocious Terrordactyl V.2 Kid-Paint Edition
    EHX Harmonic Octave Generator 2
    Earthquaker Pyramids Flanger
    Eventide H9 MAX
    Eventide H9 MAX
    Eventide H9 MAX
    Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport SR
    Roland RE-20 Space Echo
    DOD Meatbox Subsynth MK-II
    MXR M87 Bass Compressor

    Source Audio Reflex(Expression: DMC-4v.2,Geiger Counter,Super Fatman,MIDI: Future Impact,HOG2)
    Damage Control: DMC-4 gen.2 (3 H9s. Digital: Manta)
    Heet Sounds Plus-EBOW
    Dunlop Chrome 220 Slide
    Dunlop Bronze 222 Slide
    Dunlop Glass 213 Slide
    D'Addario NS Tri-Action Capo

    Voodoo Labs 4x4 Digital
    Walrus Audio Aetos

    Some changes have stemmed from the Future Impact turning into the Future Compact! This allowed me to get the Manta onboard as well as the Devi Ever Shoegazer Clone with mods. Overall it’s more quiet and allows me to have the filters AFTER the synth and fuzz. Still digging the Pyramids if you’re a modulation fan in the slightest check it out. Third EQD pedal and it is badass.
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  20. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001


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