SOLD Pedal Purge...Mark III (the third of many)

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    1. (*SOLD*) Tronographic Rusty Box with power adapter $150.00 (*SOLD*)

    2. (*SOLD*) OLC Orange Peel (based on the legendary and unique 1974 Orange Graphic MKII amplifier) very cool Pedal $85.00...Sounds killer stacked with OD, Distortion, or Fuzz

    3. (*SOLD*) Dicosimo Audio GK 800RB Amp Sim Clone...Preamp and Boost...Rare GK preamp clone pedal of classic bass amp. Aka GK Rails. $100.00 Some of you may remember he thread where this was created here on talk bass (*SOLD*)

    4. (*SOLD*) T-Rex Sweeper Bass Chorus $50.00 (*SOLD*)

    5. (*SOLD*) Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret is the company's "always on" pedal. The answer for anyone in search of classic Marshall tones, offering highly tweakable overdrive, clean boost and distortion...awesome when stacked with fuzz $100.00 (*SOLD*)

    6. (*TRADED*) Devi Ever Dark Boost $75.00

    7. (*SOLD*) Green Amp Emulator (Built by John K) Killer when stacked with fuzz $150.00 (*SOLD*)

    8. (*SOLD*) Idiot Box Blower Box $80.00 (*SOLD*)

    9. (*SOLD*) EHX B-9 Organ Machine $125.00 (*SOLD*)

    10. (*SOLD*) EHX Micro POG $125.00 (*SOLD*)

    11. (*TRADED*) Xotic X-Blender $125.00 (*TRADED*)

    12. (*SOLD*) Mark Bass Compressore $100.00 (*SOLD*)

    13. (*SOLD*) Vodoo Lab Sparkle Drive $75.00 (*SOLD*)

    (*SOLD*) Hay Huge Swollen Pickle $75.00 (*SOLD*)

    (*SOLD*) Cliff Burton Signature Power Fuzz Wah $100.00 (*SOLD*)

    Pedals all in great shape velcro installed on bottom...price includes shipped provided it is lower 48 (outside CONUS actual shipping charged)

    Open to trades hit me up with what you have...I would like to try/trade for a Hot Wax, Tech 21 Vt Bass, Bass Soul Food

    ATTENTION...I'm in such a need for Bass cases that I'm willing to trade pedals for hard Bass cases....
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  2. askani19


    Feb 19, 2015
    Message sent
  3. PM’d about the Rails Pedal.
  4. PM'd about the Markbass Compressore
  5. Please respond on PM
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    PM sent for Blower box
  7. morgansterne

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    Pm sent on sparkle drive.

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