Pedal repairs

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    Hoof Hearted?

    May 12, 2015
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    Hey Janek, not expecting a response back but if you have a minute I'd greatly appreciate it!

    I have a vintage pedal that I'm having some problems with, a Guyatone Ultron to be specific. a few of the knobs and switches are not functioning properly. This is becoming an increasingly rare unit and expensive too so it's hard to trust someone based on merit. Would you happen to know anyone that repairs vintage and high end effects?

    I figured a pedal conusuor such as yourself must need some work done to their effects from time to time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! If not, thank you for taking a moment to read this!

    Thanks, Connor

    P.S. This is truly an amazing effect unit, you should definitely add this to your Arsenal if you don't already have one!