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  1. Hi there. Me gots some pedals for sale. Most of them were made by me, I have been making and selling pedals for almost 10 years now. All of them use True Bypass switching and the best parts available (I made them for myself). Here is the list:

    Boss GE-7 -- modded for lower noise. 70$
    Orange Squeeze -- modded for bass. 70$
    Baby Robot -- DOD EF440 clone. 100$
    Phase 90 -- modded to univibe. 70$
    Ibanez FL-9 -- vintage MIJ. 120$
    Tech 21 Blonde -- Great shape. 100$
    Volume pedal -- Passive and TB. 100$
    Looper pedals -- TB. 40$ for the sticker one, 60$ for the etched one.
    Heartrob Tremolo -- Great trem. 50$

    Prices do not include shipping. I will get you an accurate quote and will not overcharge.

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