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  1. iggy


    Jan 3, 2006
    Hi all, I need some info on options and some of the mechanics of the various pedal switching loopers available. For instance the Octa-Switch from Carl Martin has 8 separate loops to use. You plug all of your pedals in up to 8 of them and move dip switches to corollate to which effects you want to use for each of the 8 stomp switches. I get the picture and think this is a nice way to get any of your pedals to the footswitch you desire. I see the Iguana Tail Loop 2 from Control One and see it has 5 loops to use but does not use the dip switches to assign each footswitch a desired number of pedals. My question is do you assign your pedals by hooking them up "manually" each one going into each other and then to the send/return of one of the footswitch and if that's the case you don't have the option to use that pedal in another footswitch because it is already being used? It seems to be limiting by using the Iguana versus the Octa-Switch or am I missing something?
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    Jul 19, 2006
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    You got it right. Most cheaper TB loopers are basic loop-on/ loop-off in function- there are only a few multi-loop program loopers, and they tend to be much more expensive- some of these are totally passive in function and others can be digitally/MIDI controlled.
  3. willbassyeah


    Oct 9, 2011
    yup but the normal true bypass looper allowed you to do lesser tap dancing because the pedals are in one location compared having pedals spread around the pedalboard if i make any sense to you?

    Anyway i used to look into the programmable true bypass looper, and some of the best one will be musicomlab efx mrkiii+ (if size is a factor):

    decibel 11 pedal palette for flexibility, able to switch order and parallel mixing of two pedals:

    Glab GSC-5 for better labelling of your preset:

    and Free the tone if you need a DI line, which is actually custom made:
  4. Check out this website:
    It's german, but you can switch the language to English. Most of the loopers are in that list.

    Basically it's a "preset" vs "stompbox-mode" fight. If you use your effects sparingly, here and then you add something, then the stompbox-mode might fit better. It gives you good access to the pedals and true bypass for each one of them.
    The preset thing is way easier if you're using multiple pedals at the same time. This comes mainly from the guitar players which might use (e.g.) a compressor, and a chorus in the clean part and then switch to the overdrive plus delay in some other part. With stompbox-mode you would have to deactivate the comp and the chorus and then activate the overdrive and the delay. Impossible in a short time. So the preset mode lets you do this with one stomp.

    Some clever types might combine these two - and I find this very intriguing. Reason is the following: you have your presets but then in the live setting you would like to kick in something else additionally. Either you have one loop that is on in every preset with several pedals in it which are deactivated and might be kicked in additionally. But this takes the whole advantage of the true bypass thing if you let your signal through these pedals nevertheless.
    So this thing can do both.
    You might program five switches to serve as preset buttons, and three to function in stompbox mode. Genious I think. Especially for this price!
    I am actually considering buying such a unit, even though I have absolutely no use for it at the moment.
  5. iggy


    Jan 3, 2006
    Yeah, I get it now. I was wondering how the Manufacturers were implementing the switching and see all the different ways to get things done, mechanically or electronically.
  6. jymyben


    Oct 19, 2007
    i have a carl martin...

    the version i have, i have to keep one of the loops empty for a clean sound...

    i believe the newer versions have a bypass, so you can use all 8 loops for pedals...

    the only downside to this looper is the amount of space it takes on my board...
  7. iggy


    Jan 3, 2006
    I want something to do the midi thing also because I want to use the SA Hub and be able to do the presets with my SA Manta. I don't think I need 8 loops, maybe 4 with the tuner out and also parallel looping if I can. I'm torn between the Dr Switch and the Pedal Palette. I believe the Pedal Palette can do more.