Pedalboard & Ampeg PF800

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  1. Sapatown


    Sep 16, 2016
    Ok, what do I need if I want to go from dirty sound and then switch of to clean sound?

    I have three dirt pedals, delay and a reverb. Sometimes I want them all at once. Sometimes, I just want to use the dirt pedals, or the delay/reverb with a clean signal.

    Do I need a ABY box like the Radial Tonebone or bigshot?

    Or just a A/B box? Like the mxr a/b.

    Another question.

    I use an Ampeg PF-800 head on top of a Ampeg 8x10e cab. Its amazing!
    I've read trough the manual several times, but Im not quite sure if I am capable to use stereo mode with such an amp?

    It can only have one speakon cable to the cab. But it have another jack input next to it which says 400w at 8ohms.
    The speakon is 800w at 4ohms min load.

    So I guess I cant split my cab in two 4x10's with a PF-800 then?

  2. GigRig Quartermaster Looper.
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  3. Something like the Flex Reaction Compound 55 might be what you're looking for. 5 programmable loops.
    Compound 55
  4. Sapatown


    Sep 16, 2016
    Tve fx loopers seem so big.
    Ofc I could get one and give it a try.
    But an ABY is something totally different in this case? Are they just for switching between amps?

    I saw Jeff Matz from High on Fire use this a ABY radial tonebone and another MXR a/b box the other night.

    His board looks so simple.

    Then again he used like two orange amps, an Ampeg PF-800 and something other on 4 different huge cabs.. lol

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