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pedalboard newbie help

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by theunknowndude, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. thanks for that!
    did you find any problems in powering the imported pedals at all? :)

    last question of the week I promise! why does noone seem to use the deucetone on here,... I thought the idea of using a turbo rat channel and a clean channel would be good especially as they have the option of single channel, cascade or stereo? I definitely want a turbo rat in my arsenal but I don't get why people don't go for deucetone when its not that much more expensive and gives you more options... unless theres something im missing? I like the idea its still 9V too!
  2. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    Petaluma, CA, USA
    Yep. The cables that come with the G-BUS have a 1/8" phono plug on one end (which goes into the G-BUS), and a regular barrel plug on the other. Just stick something like this...


    ...onto that barrel plug, and you're set.

    Some manufacturers, like Dunlop, also make cables that are double-ended with 1/8" phono plugs.

    EDIT: I keep forgetting... that'd be a 3.5mm phono plug. I forgot you guys use metric. :D

    There shouldn't be any issues unless the pedal has a proprietary wall wart of some sort. Your starting voltage isn't important - only your end voltage is (9VDC). Well, that, and in 99% of cases, it should be regulated voltage (almost all power supplies marketed for pedals are, so no worries).

    Current's important, too, but that's a universal issue. :D

    Since I did mention it, though... every pedal has a different current draw. Most pedals have very low draws - most analog distortion pedals, for example, are well under 30mA. (many are under a mere 10mA). Digital pedals use a lot more, which can be an issue for low-current power supplies if you're trying to power a lot of pedals with it.

    Just be mindful of your limitations with any power supply. Chances are, you won't run into a problem like that (the G-BUS offers an average 250mA per output, IIRC), but it's just something to keep in mind.

    Probably two reasons (but I'm just guessing here):

    1) The Turbo RAT is more compact, which is a plus for those of us who cram our boards. :D
    2) No RAT pedal holds the low end very well. Of course, that hasn't stopped bassists from using it, but this is probably what keeps many away from a two-channel RAT.
  3. As Mysticboo says, only the end voltage is important - get yourself a decent regulated power supply and you're set.

    For the record, all of the pedals I've imported (Sansamp BDDI, Digitech BSW, Peavey BAC-2, Akai Headrush E2) have worked no problems at all with various power supplies.:cool:

  4. thanks very much guys you've been a great help, youve answered in two days what a week of searching the web and the forums wasn't able to easily provide me with!

    just got paid so now to start buying things!
  5. bassman314

    bassman314 I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process...

    Mar 13, 2005
    Bay Area, CA
    For the same price, I went to Home Depot, bought a piece of Oak (about 3/4" x 11.75" x 24"), some rubber feet and velcro tabs...

    It looks much sexier, too...


    With Pedals:


    I did give it a couple of coats of Danish Oil, and a couple of coats of clear polyurethane before I mounted the pedals.

  6. how heavy is the peice of oak and how do you cart it around?? :)
  7. bassman314

    bassman314 I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process...

    Mar 13, 2005
    Bay Area, CA
    It's actually not too heavy. It's solid wood, not plywood, and it's less than 3/4" of inch thick (my last post was in error). I'm planning on adding 2-3 more pedals, and then it's basically done. I don't think I'll crack 25 lbs. with the total weight.

    I store my rig in a storage room at my church with all of the other sound equipment we use Sunday mornings, so it sits on top of my amp rack. I am looking for case or gig bag to fit it.
  8. fair enough seems like a good idea :)

    I dont think I could go to your time/effort plus I dont trust myself enough to make it! hehe, also want the manouverability side of it as all the gigs id be playing would be local pubs etc...

    im coming up to my next problem soon now, trying to see how many pedals I want/what will fit... maybe im just being far too ambitious in wanting 7 pedals right now... deciding to just stick with what I know and slowly build the range as needed... tried downloading programs to design a board but it didnt work too well... didnt realise how much space a wah pedal can take up! hopefully 5 boss/ibanez (similar size) pedals, a turbo rat and a weeping demon can fit...
  9. still don't have a pedalboard as yet,... waiting on parts to come in... so far have collected phat hed 7, turbo rat, bass equaliser (not ENTIRELY sure when id need it tho, it does some crazy boosting tho,...) boss bass chorus (I like that its subtle and not too crazy...) and got the ibanez synth bass coming in (probably going to leave it as my autowah),... was wanting a weeping demon, might just have to save that one for later?

    AND im gassing for that devi ever aenima pedal but have the phat hed 7 and turbo rat already!

    someone go here and help me choose between turbo rat and devi ever aenima!:confused:

  10. jinithith2


    Jul 15, 2007
    New Hampshire
    the rock case comes with a lot of space for the money. if you want that kind of space from a NYC pedalboard, you have to pay 20 dollars more... granted, they are 2 inches higher so you could add a second level, but oh well.

    I'm looking into making my own actually. It all depends on how strong I can build them

    bit of background info:
    I have a gator pedalboard with GBUS and using planet waves cable kit,...
    put it together tonight,... I'll list all my pedals
    BOSS: tuner, Bass Equaliser, Bass Chorus
    IBANEZ: PD7, CF7, SB7

    basically made little connectors to each pedal and one longish one from SB7 to CF7 on top row
    chain goes

    I plugged it all in and im getting power to every pedal (LED will come on) and every individual power when it goes bass - pedal - amp... will work...
    so tried playing around with each pedal in the chain and plugging in the output lead to amp in each,... I cant pinpoint it but it seems it doesnt like more than two pedals?? but then at one point the whole signal when using two pedals that worked previously became intermittent,...
    anything I can try???? thinking maybe I didn't put the planet waves cable kit together properly,... but each one I undid the screw the whole way out, shoved the connector on and made sure that I tightened the screw all the way in until it wouldnt go no more...

    HELP :( to think I got my pedalboard all put together and all the pedals on and everything looking nice only to get no signal :( :( :(
  12. if you arent happy with what what you can buy then dude go ahead build yours!
    +2 Big attaché + Plywood + Power supply.
    i build mine according to my needs
  13. mmm HELP....

    and so yeah my pedalboard is built but not working... has anyone had experience with the planet waves pedalboard cable kits? cos thats all I can put it down to!!!!
  14. I've only got five sets of them on my pedalboard.....No problems at all.

    Did you check each cable as you assembled them? If you don't have a cable tester, take two pedals, plug the bass into the input of one of them, the output of the other into the amp and then test each cable between the two. If you get signal, it works. If you don't, try assembling the cable again.
  15. but each one I undid the screw the whole way out, shoved the connector on and made sure that I tightened the screw all the way in until it wouldnt go no more...

    You don't just shove the cable in and tighten it down, you turn the plug like you're screwing it onto the cable. When it tightens up, you're done. Set the set screw.
  16. ahhh thanks! I'll try that and have a go again :)
  17. MEGA help needed,...

    pedalboard was all working fine last night with all pedals powered except the rat being battery powered,...

    bought a 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo plug cos it was all that I could find that would power the rat,... plugged it in and thought hmmm they fit so should be ok, flicked the switch at the wall and now everything is dead except the rat (battery in there),... HELP???

    have I buggered it in some way? ive managed to get it all to work previously when its stopped cos of something I know wasnt working (dead patch leads etc) but now I can't get it to turn on any of them except the rat (when it was all working last night)
  18. dakpluto


    Oct 14, 2006
    Orlando, FL
    Don't forget our classifieds section also. There seems to be a pedal board just about every week. It's where I got my Furman SPB-8.
  19. ????
    I have my gator pedal tote now,... I thought rather than make a new thread id ask for help as to how to get it working again,... or are you implying that the gbus power supply is now buggered?

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