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pedalboard set up help!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by LoveLostShuffle, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. i am having a bit of trouble setting up the pedals on my board right now and im just looking for some help what is the best order for them and all of that any help would mean a lot. these are the pedals i have now: boss tuner, boss super octave, boss bass synth, tech 21 sans amp bass driver, boss bass eq, boss bass overdrive, boss metal zone, boss bass chorus, electro harmonix the mole bass boster, and a sonic maximzer. any help for me to be getting a better sound out of things would really mean a lot to me. thanks!
  2. If you are using the BassDriver as a DI, put that last. Put the tuner first, then octave, then Synth (or maybe synth-octave), then the EQ. Put your distortion pedals in rough order of lowest to highest gain, then the chorus, then the Mole. The Sonic Maximizer will be most useful as late in your signal path as possible, so if you can put it in your effects loop, do that. You may want to flip-flop the order of the Mole and the EQ, but otherwise you should be able to get some good sounds from that setup.
  3. im not using the bass driver as a di im using it for tone where do you think it should go?
  4. Since it is an amp simulator, I would put it after all the dirt.
  5. so after all the overdrive and distortion? thanks soooo much for you help!
  6. Yeah, that's where I like my Tech21 Bass VT. It adds some balls to the rest of my dirt.
  7. ok awesome thats what im looking to do too. thanks a lot ill try that out!
  8. SG-Jazz


    Dec 24, 2007
    Los Angeles
    I would like to see a pic after too! That would be cool
  9. totally once i set it all up ill take a pic
  10. amfmsb


    Dec 16, 2007
    I see this has already been answered quite nicely. I read the thread this morning and typed this up at lunch in Word without checking to see if it was answered. I am going to post it here anyway.

    Personally I always put my tuner first in line and my sansamp last. The reason I do this is because the fist pedal in line always gets plugged into and out of night after night- I’d rather wear out my tuner input than something more difficult to replace. There’s also a benefit to have a buffered pedal like the TU-2 first in line when you have a long line of pedals. I’ve been abusing the Tu-2 for close to 10 years and is holding up very nicely with no signs of quitting on me. The Sansamp is pretending to be an amp, and amps come last in the signal- so that’s why I put that last. And yours has a DI on it, so if you’re using it to send a signal to the mixer, last in line, it’ll send your effected signal.

    Heres how I would set my signal path-

    Distortions (fuzz, OD, etc…)
    Filter & Wah
    Modulation (chorus, flange, phaser, etc)
    Volume & tremolo
    Reverb & Delay
    Pre Amp (Sansamp)
  11. Step


    Feb 20, 2008
    I'll chime in with a small question, why do you put dirt pedals from low to high in terms of gain? I haven't really paid attention to that yet in my board

    thanks in advance
  12. That's just my opinion of what generally works best if you want to stack gain pedals. In my experience, running high-gain fuzzes into lower-gain overdrives sounds really bad, but vice-versa sounds good.
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