Pedals - AW-3, OC-2, Morley Bass Wah

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  1. I'm selling off all the pedals I never use.
    The AW-3 (Autowah) and OC-2 (Octaver) are both a little over a year old and have pretty much just sat in my room. Never used on a stage or a practice. I would say they are mint.

    The morley has been with me for a little longer, but as with the others, never been gigged.

    AW-3 - $70
    OC-2 - $60
    Morley - $50

    All prices are pre-shipping.
  2. Morley Bass Wah
  3. ashton


    Jan 4, 2001
    interested in the auto wah and octaver....but im in australia, wanna ship them here?