Pedals cutting the sound (haunted house?)

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  1. Hoping I can find some trouble-shooting ideas since I ran out.

    The problem: When I step on a pedal (turn it on) it cuts my sound off. Just like stepping on a tuner cuts the sound, except it happens regardless of the pedal (I tried 4 different pedals).

    After testing all the cables (all good) on my board, I decided to just try one pedal at a time. All with the same result. I simplified the signal chain to bass-cable-pedal(pick one)-cable-amp. I activate the pedal, any pedal, it kills all the sound.

    I used different basses, amps, pedals, cables, power supplies, pedal combinations and 9v batteries. I am truly baffled.

    Any ideas? Or should I have my house cleansed of demons?
  2. ProfFrink


    Jan 16, 2015
    Are you using TS cables or a TRS cables?

    Does any of these pedals have LEDs in them? Do the LEDs light up when you click them?
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  3. All TS cables. As far as LED pedals go -- when the LED is on, the sound is off. When the LED is off, I get sound, but only what the amp gives me.

    I also should have mentioned that everything was working perfectly yesterday. I'm at a loss.
  4. Disregard. Bad power strip. I knew it would be something stupid ... and stupidly overlooked by me.

    Time for a beer.
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