SOLD Pedals: Empress, EHX, Mooer

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    Got a couple pedals for sale. Will list some trade options below. I apologize for the cr@p picture, I'll grab some more after work.

    Empress ParaEQ: We all know this one, and it's absolutely fantastic, it's just not exactly what I need right now. Newer version with the selectable buffer/true bypass feature. Excellent condition, velcro on the back. $195. Sold

    EHX Mel9: Surprisingly cool and useful pedal, I used the "cello," "strings." and "choir" settings a lot in my last band. Not using it currently, now somebody else can have fun with it. Original owner. Excellent condition. Velcro on back. $155

    Mooer Sweeper. Clone of the EHX Bassballs...sounds pretty much exactly the same as far as I can tell. Not using it currently. $40

    Mooer Ensemble King: Sounds like a modern Boss Chorus, really it's been quite useful, a little small for me. Definitely scratched up, but works 100% perfectly. $30 Sold

    Source Audio Programmable EQ SA170
    Boss CE-2B
    Source Audio Manta
    MXR M82

    I'm really after a preamp and the EQ, but we can talk about things. Don't want to really add much cash to on my end, but we'll see.

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