TRADED Pedals - new added EBS Octabass, T-Rex, price reduction, Trades?

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    A few pedals I am not currently using, all in Good condition and have boxes etc;

    Mint T Rex Bass Juice distortion with Boost. Clean pedal, go from slight dirt to full fuzz with the boost, great level mix holds bottom well. Great pedal, just sticking with the pork loin - $110 make me a fair offer or trade Update - Pulled this out of the box to play and noticed that the left switch is a little finicky. It works fine but you really have to be solid with on / off. To be fair I am letting this go for only $60!! Sold

    EBS Octabass - minty, no box Solid as they come and a brilliant sub octave pedal. Exceptional low end tracking. - $80. Traded

    Big Muff Bass. You know the scoop, solid fuzz with dry mix the old standby. - $55 Traded

    TC Electronics Flashback. Superb, versatile pedal. All the bells and whistles. I could keep this no problem - $100 Traded

    Trades are welcome, looking for a solid compressor, envelope filter etc. Set on distortion, but Fuzzes will be considered. Cash +/- ok. Just ask, I am pretty open. Thanks for looking!

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  2. Thanks for the trade on the Ebs,i'm digging the pedal.
    great dealing with ya!