SOLD Pedals/Rack Gear/and more. Southampton, Korg, Radial, EHX, Gator etc..

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  1. Price:
    G.A.S. has hit. We all know how it goes so it's time to re-do the pedal board. Here's what I'd like to move:

    Southampton Fifth Gear V2: We all know it and love it. I bought it new about 6 months ago. It's in excellent shape and does have velcro on the bottom. $125

    EHX Green Russian RI: Is the closest you're gonna get to the original Green Russian. Loud, ballsy, and inexpensive. I'm the original owner. Mint condition. Velcro on bottom. $60 SOLD

    TC Spark Booster: A real sleeper for sure. Can definitely do a nice clean volume boost. Can be used a FATtner, can be used as a nice mid boost when you need to cut through and can definitely do light OD. $80 SOLD

    Source Audio Soundblox 2 MANTA: Pretty much the ultimate envelope filter than can pretty much do anything including fuzz. Excellent condition w/ velcro n bottom. $120 Sold

    Korg Pitchblack Rack Tuner: Pitchblacks are very accurate and very light. 1U in size and includes power supply. Bought this about a year ago. Mint condition: $65

    Radial JDI MK3 Passive DI : We all know what this this. Mint condition, got it about 6 months ago, but my new preamp has a nice DI on it, so this is just sitting around. $160 shipped.

    ART EQ351 31 Band rackmount EQ w/ HPF and LPF (not pictured): Surprisingly fantastic rack EQ. Everything moves and works as they should. The addition of the HPF and LPF are the real selling points though. It's very very quiet as well. Super light and in mint condition. $70

    Gator RC-10X6. 6U Rack w/ 10U Console slant top. They're $300 new w/ a lifetime warranty. This one is about 6 months old and is absolutely mint. $200 shipped.

    Trade interest:
    Broughton Parametric EQ (high on GAS list)
    Broughton HPF + LPF
    Cog Effects Mini 66 or Knightfall 66 (high on GAS list)
    Boss OC2 (low on GAS list)
    EMG 35DC or CS pups.

    The ART EQ and Gator pics will be taken shortly.

    YKORG64007b.jpg YKORG47990b.jpg
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  2. I've sold the majority of the pedals so I'm going to end this "mega-listing" and split it up into individual listings.
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