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    Looking to possibly make one trade or several… Of boutique namebrand and make custom petals… Looking for modulation, synth, octave, preamp, strange, unique, and or vintage petals… Show me what you got… I can custom make Meris preset switches, true bypass bloopers, tap tempos, strymon favorite switches, Kill switches, boost petals, ABY Switches, instrument selectors… Etc. etc. NM willing to possibly trade the posted Pedals below… Shoot me offers interests or questions! Thanks!
    Mint superego with box manual and power supply
    Mint malekko Charlie Foxtrot glitch pedal with box
    Mint tc electronics mini Flashback 2
    Mint Earthquake devices astral destiny reverb with box and manual
    Newly modded OC-2 with volume/synth boost
    Brand new Wampler ego compressor mini
    Mint BS-1 Woolley Mammoth Fuzz Clone
    Mint condition Saturnworks tube Overdrive
    Tons of custom 45EBD0FA-0B74-4657-86B7-F12D06ED07AE.jpeg 601A5974-258A-48F2-917F-727053FC3B3D.jpeg 67C5246E-6DE3-477B-95B7-300CA625F4C5.jpeg F2C858EA-B585-4FDA-BF3F-19A1CD78B96E.jpeg 1A4B712D-BC5A-423A-B8CC-B341EC4C9D5E.jpeg E42C2FE9-E163-4944-A393-BEDF62EC7F57.jpeg 69AF3C1A-40DD-439E-A653-07E7A9296AAD.jpeg 47E4C940-9A15-4BFC-83A4-559870550B15.jpeg 762B63D6-675E-4122-8939-5B8DFF42717F.jpeg 7FCE1F7E-2E11-40BE-86B9-BA5FC063A4BE.jpeg C70EC8AB-8659-491A-ABDB-737B55E8D411.jpeg B661E3E1-2C35-4243-B1C1-886147E0C312.jpeg 6638D1BA-76A1-4EC6-B9DA-76C8808A908C.jpeg B7C1464C-7FF2-42CB-837B-C09BCF99F321.jpeg 636E62F1-C9A1-481F-992D-57EB06DB50C7.jpeg 19817590-5A90-4EBC-99B8-194BE376CC34.jpeg
  2. arepa_funk

    arepa_funk Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2020
    Hey how goes? I have these available: SolidgoldFX Electroman delay, Malekko Diabolik, Keeley Fuzz Bender, Trex Quint Machine octave, Aguilar Filter Twin. I'm interested in the EHX Superego & Saturnworks tube OD.
  3. I’m interested in the filter and delay, and could come off the
    Saturnworks drive. I’m holding on to the superego for another pedal that could loop or preferably sample and hold. Thanks! DM me.. thanks again…
  4. arepa_funk

    arepa_funk Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2020
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