Pedals you prefer the cheap clone of over the original?

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    So which cheap budget clones of pedals do you own that you prefer over the more expensive originals?

    For me I much prefer the more prominent deeper pulse of my Behringer UT100 Ultra Tremolo (allegedly identical with the Behringer UT300, just re-branded model number) over the original Boss TR-2 that it is supposed to be a clone of (though as said actually sound quite different from), and it is not just a matter of turning the waveform and depth sufficiently higher up on the Boss, they simply doesn't sound the same, plus the buffer of the Behringer doesn't suck the life out of my tone as my Boss TR-2 does, go figure (though it could be the buffer in my TR-2 being faulty, or that it just doesn't play together very well with the other buffered pedals earlier in my signal chain).

    However there is a volume drop with the Behringer engaged, that the Boss doesn't have, but as I almost always used it stacked into my, likewise cheap budget, modified Boss CE-1 clone, the Valeton Aquaflow Vintage Chorus, which boosts the level of my signal slightly when engaged, it matters less.

    Other than that the knobs/pots on my UT100 are pretty flimsy, which means that they, while actually working/responding absolutely flawlessly, are really easy to knock out of the settings I have dialed in.

    Also I much prefer the Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser over the EHX reissue of the Small Stone (which I have actually previously owned, but since parted with), though I guess it isn't quite a one to one comparison, as the Behringer is actually pretty much identical to the original big box Small Stone (the reissue, despite EHX's claims, isn't, as it with the color switch on, which is the setting I use, unlike the original and the Behringer clone of it, sweeps out of the audible spectrum, periodically/cyclically leaving big holes in your signal), including the volume drop when engaged that one had, but again to me that matters less, as I can just turn up the output volume of the effects loop on the Boss LS-2 it is placed in, where I most often will mix it in parallel with my Monarch MFL-22 flanger (identical to the Arion one) siting in the other effects loop of the LS-2.

    I have also encountered several reports from people who own both preferring the Behringer UV300 Ultra Vibrato over the original Boss VB-2, and people who prefer the Joyo American Sound over the original Tech 21 Blonde, but as I haven't personally got any experience with the originals of those 2 pedals to compare so I can't really verify/validate the difference myself.
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    The Behringer BSY600 pedal is considered by many to be superior to the equivalent Boss SYB-3 and SYB-5 pedals that it is meant to emulate. I believe it has an extra feature or two while being cheaper and having similar sound and tracking quality. (The enclosure, however, is plastic and pretty clearly much cheaper and of lower quality.) I owned the BSY600 and have played through the Boss models and would tend to agree.
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    I was going to start a thread about this, but a search turned up this old thread, so I thought I'd necro it instead. :)

    I had the Behringer Bass Overdrive a while back, loved it. Got rid of it when I thought I should "upgrade" to the Boss ODB-3. Turns out, I liked the Behringer better. I'm even thinking about buying it again ...

    Anyone else?
  4. Well, fair enough! But, I don't think you're gonna find a whole lotta folks extolling the virtues of that Boss drive pedal; it's been known to compare unfavourably, in terms of tone, with a tin can full of hornets. There so many drive/dirt options these days, you can probably find something much nicer. Like that Behringer you sold, for example!