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    Everything is ready to be boxed up and shipped off to a new home. Some may have original boxes, some may not. If I have it, you get it. Assume the box is missing unless it is listed. No trades. Items will be marked with a green SOLD and left for reference when they have been purchased.


    MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe

    Chorus for bass. ‘Nuff said. I bought it cheap, so the savings are passed on to you. Honestly, these are way overpriced new. Save here! Velcro on

    SOLD $85 FIRM shipped to CONUS SOLD


    Cog Effects T-65 Analogue Octave -

    A seriously fantastic and thunderous pedal, but after a year of using it I’ve found that I favor a different sound. This does the synth sound a lot of people are after marvelously with TONS of low end. Your speakers have been warned. Everything works as it should with only some marks on the switches from where a Barefoot button was installed. Does not effect the functionality whatsoever. Rare to find on the used market!
    SOLD $175 FIRM shipped to CONUS SOLD

    Cog Effects Mini 66 Overdrive -

    A great overdrive pedal from Cog Effects! Small, mighty, and hard to find used. I bought it for this price and I’m passing the saving on to the next owner. Velcro on bottom.
    SOLD $150 FIRM shipped to CONUS SOLD

    Keeley Bassist -

    GREAT and easy to use compressor. I wanted a tiny bit more control so I changed over to a different flavor. I can include the brass Barefoot Button or I can take it off, but the loctite seized it up pretty good and it’s going to take some effort (and probably heat) to remove it. I think it looks good on there anyways. I also added some small O-rings under the knobs to prevent them from being moved as easily. Trust me, you WANT them there in order to really dial in and hold your settings because it’s very sensitive and the knobs don’t have much resistance. Fully removable by the new owner with no damage to the pedal, but I think you’ll want them. Velcro on bottom.
    SOLD $130 shipped to CONUS SOLD

    EHX Bass Mono Synth -

    Cool synth, but I doubt I’ll find a use for it live. Same deal as with the chorus, my savings are passed on to you. Mint condition, no velcro.
    SOLD $75 shipped to CONUS SOLD

    Hotone Phaze -

    Cool little phaser pedal that works very well with bass, which isn’t always easy to do. With original box. Factory cut velcro installed (very clean).
    SOLD $40 shipped to CONUS SOLD


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    Dang I want all of these. Nice listing.
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    PM sent
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    I've owned a ton of octave pedals, and the T65 is my favorite by a long shot.