SOLD PedalTrain Jr and Voodoo Labs PP2+

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by 5string_phunk, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Greetings TB!

    I've recently purged my pedal collection and now have no immediate need for the pedal board and power supply that I used to corral/power them!

    Up for sale is my PedalTrain Jr with soft case and Voodoo Labs PP2+ attached via the brackets provided by PT. This board has barely been used and is in like new condition. I have used it a total of 3 times outside the confines of my house and even then those 3 times were rehearsals.

    This board has loop (fuzzy) side velcro carefully applied and will come with all of the power cables, connectors and I'll throw in the 2-3 pedal patch cables that I have. I'd say the Voodoo Labs PP2+ has roughly 10-15 hours of use on it. Most of the time it's been unplugged and in the gig bag. I'd consider both to be in 'like new'.

    I'd prefer to sell these items together and not piece them out.

    I'm asking $220 SHIPPED CONUS

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  2. edbutler3

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    Hey, I'm pretty interested but was waiting for you to come back with the pics...

    I'm putting together a pedalboard for the first time and am not sure on the size I need -- if anything, this may be overkill. From the info I can find online, it seems like this would hold around 6-8 standard size pedals. Do you agree with that estimate?
  3. I apologize for spacing on the pics. I've been a bit busier than anticipated and it slipped my mind. I will definitely get some posted this afternoon!

    As far as size, you are correct, this can definitely hold 6-8 decent sized pedals. When I was running pedals I fit 8 pedals on here with no real issues. They ranged from smaller Boss sized pedals (my tuner) to 3Leaf Wonderlove/Octavbre size.

    I was basically running (in no particular order) wireless > tuner > comp > fuzz > od > octave > env. filter > chorus.

    6 pedals fit easily and, paying attention to the size of the plug on the patch cable etc, I had no problems fitting all 8 on there.

    Hope this helps and I'll get pics up asap!
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  4. Pics added!!
  5. edbutler3

    edbutler3 Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2008
    Eden Prairie, MN
    Looks great! Do you still have some of the "hook" side velcro to attach to the pedals? Either way, I'm interested. I'll PM you later today about payment.
  6. Sold and headed North! I'll close the thread as soon as the new owner gives me the thumbs up!

    Thanks to all who showed interest!
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