SOLD Pedaltrain Metro 20 w/ Voodoo Labs PP2+ (will split) PRICE DROP

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  1. blong1

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    Apr 10, 2000
    Powertrain Metro 20. Maybe 15 church gigs on it so it's in great shape. I did some modifications on it. Added higher feet to accommodate the voodoo labs pp2, make shift support brackets, and cut out in the front for power cord. For a DIY job, it doesn't look so bad and is certainly functional. The legs are off slightly, so it doesn't sit perfectly flush, but it isn't noticeable and can probably be adjusted...I never did because it just didn't bother me's really not bad at all.

    $100 for Pedaltrain
    $120 for Voodoo Labs PP2+

    $200 for both

    CONUS shipping only. No interested in trades.

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