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  1. ok i have been playing bass for abot a year and awhile ago me and some friends decided to make a band well we were out a guitar center and i was looking at a bass eq pedal to maybe re-fine my tune a bit and make it lower and my guitarest suggested me also getting a chorus pedal now exactly what does a chorus pedel do for bass?
    i would really like someone to tell me what it does cause i have no clue, i new to effets. and the type of music i play is gothic/heavymetal and i'm wanting to use th eq pedel to re-fine my sound and maybe make it depper and my question is would that work? same thing on a chorus pedel as i said before i have no lcue what it does so i wouldnt know if i could use it on bass for gothic/heavymetal music. if any of you knows anythign about this stuff please let me know.
  2. if you cant make it deeper with just your amps eq then you are not giong to make it deeper with another eq... its probably more to do with your speaker then your eq settings. You also may want to look into an octave pedal... that will definetly make you lower but might not be exactly the sound your looking for. A chorus simulates multiple people playing the same thing at the same time. I find it best for slower parts to add a little atmosphere and mood to a song and it is great on fretless. Remember, the first rule in effects is that if you don't know what your going to use an effect for, you dont need it.
  3. Just as a chorus is a group of singers, the chorus effect can make a single instrument sound like there are actually several instruments being played. It adds some thickness to the sound, and is often described as 'lush' or 'rich'. The algorithm behind the chorus effect isn't a spectacular or amazing trick - it's actually fairly simple. What happens when two people play instruments in unison? Well they are not always playing in precise synchronization, so there is some delay between the sounds they produce. In addition, the pitch of the two instruments can deviate somewhat, despite careful tuning. These are the functions that your chorus effect is reproducing.

    This slight delay can be easily implemented with a delay line. Creating the detuning effect may not seem very simple at first, but it can be achieved by transforming the simple delay line into a variable length delay line. The 'variable length' part just means that the delay time changes over time, though it's effect on the pitch may not be very clear at first.

    To understand how the pitch is changed, picture the delay as a recording device. It is storing an exact copy of the input signal as is arrives, much like a cassette recorder, and it then outputs that a little later, at the same rate. To increase the amount delay, you want a longer segment of the signal to be stored in the delay before it is played back. To do this, you want to read out of the delay line at a slower rate than it's being written (the recording rate is unchanged, so more of the signal is being stored). Reading back at a slower rate is just like dragging your fingers on the wheel of the cassette, which we know lowers the pitch. Similarly, to reduce the delay time, we can just read back faster, analogous to speeding up a playing cassette, which increases the pitch. So now, by mixing this delayed and pitch modulated copy of the input together with the original, we have the chorus effect. This may this very familiar to you - it's basically our other friend the flanger The chorus differs in only a couple of ways. One difference is the amount of delay that is used. The delay times in a chorus are larger than in a flanger, usually somewhere between 20 ms. and 30 ms. (the flanger's delay usually ranges from 1 ms. to 10 ms.) This longer delay doesn't produce the characteristic sweeping sound of the flanger. The chorus also differs from the flanger in that there is generally no feedback used.

    The only remaining point to discuss is the manner in which the delay time actually changes. In general, some periodic waveform, such as a sine wave, is used. This waveform changes slowly (say than 3 Hz and below.) and is referred to as a LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). You can control the chorus sound by changing the waveform's frequency, its amplitude, and its shape. Other variations on the chorus effect are also possible. For example, rather than using an LFO, you could use a randomly changing delay time, which might model musicians playing in unison a little better. Also, when playing in unison, there will be some loudness differences between the players, so we could also vary the amplitude of delayed signal. This amplitude parameter could then be controlled by another LFO.

    Actually if you want to make your instrument sound deeper (as appossed to depth) you may want an EQ (to boost 33Hz or lower doing a sub bass thing) or an Octave.
  4. that was recockulous
  5. Sorry, had to show you up.

  6. thanks guys for the help i found a multi effect pedel within my price range that has eq and chorus buitl in its the zoom 506 II i heard this is a really good pedel any of you heard of it ? i am looking into finding a eq pedel to boost my low end and most of our songs are slow, well thanks again guys
  7. no no no... zoom is a very very bad choice... worthless equipment...
    ok, maybe cheap plastic multi-effects units are ok to get a feel of what you like and what you dont but i think that a 100 dollar or so investment is a lot for a trial and error box. It will definetly be garbage in a couple months ESPECIALLY if you play live or record.
    go to a Guitar Center and play there. Try everything. Download sound files of effects. Borrow friends pedals. Listen to music with effects. DO NOT BUY THE ZOOM.
  8. twiztedkid, an EQ pedal is really for CHANGING your EQ at the tap of your foot. like INGL said, if you're looking to have just one tone all the time, and make it deeper, you should be able to do that with the EQ on your amp, a pedal won't really help. what kind of amp do you use?

    i would stay away from the zoom multi fx pedals, they're not really good quality and have a bunch of junk that you'll never need. check out the boss bass chorus pedal, however. justin chancellor of tool is a good example of someone who uses chorus a lot.
  9. ok i have went to guitar center thats were i buy all my stuff at and for a boss chorus pedel they want 79.99 and i dont want the same tone allt he time i like in some of are songs to go higher or lower dependign on the song. i have a crate bx-25w bass amp i use a friends to play at shows though till ig et the moeny to get a desent amp. i mean i have a friend who plays with a zoom and he likes it and i have pklayed on it and it sounds ok, i tried to get him to sell it to me but he wouldnt hehehe, so like i said i'm new to this and all and i am jsut testing things out i havent bought it yet but i'm going to go play on it with my amp and bass ans see hwo it does well thanks for your imput
  10. forget the effects
    save up for a new amp
  11. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    No amount of EQ from a pedal is going to help that amp. Doesn't matter WHAT effect you put through it, its all going to go through that amp and sound like dookie. That amp is your achilles heal.

    Any dollar spent on ANYTHING else other than a decent amp is wasted money. Don't bother buying an effect, put that money in a jar to save towards an amp.
  12. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Okay, I don't understand something here....

    twiztedkid doesn't have an amp listed in his profile and didn't indicate what kind of amp he's playing through. How can anybody with a clear conscience honestly tell him that adjusting his eq will or will not do the trick? What about pedals? Same thing! Maybe his amp is good enough and he just doesn't have enough headroom in his eq section.

    We honestly cannot tell from this info!!!!!

    So, twiztedkid, what kind of amp ARE you playing through? Can you at least be heard through the guitars and drums with your current setup?
  13. i play on a crate bx-25 i think and yes i can hear myself over guitar and drums with my setteings now and i went and looked at the zoom forget it i felt like i was ging to break that da$n thing i think i will just spend the money and ghet a boss pedels they last longer and are way better
  14. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    The best floor units (or pedals, if you prefer) that will help your tone the most will probably end up costing more than your amp did.

    But, some that you can check out that have pretty decent eq sections that will help out are,

    Sans Amp Bass Driver DI
    Raven Labs

    This is NOT an exhaustive list, but merely a sampling. I've only used the Sans Amp Bass Driver DI. It fattened up the tone on my MIM Jazz bass tremendously! You could pick one up for around $170, new. It's very flexible and comes highly recommended by Talkbassers.

    Check out this link... when opening this link, go to "Products" and then search for Sans Amp Bass Driver DI. It's a great unit!:D

    If you can't afford the $170, save up for it or save up for a new amp.
  15. chorus is like the bass line on the nirvanas come as you are, but the peddle i have is sweet its a zoom 708 with 60 diferent efects along with chorus
  16. ok my friend called me today and said he had bought a eq pedel for bass and i went over there with my amp and stuff and checked it out and it actuly did help make my sound depepr and it refined it alot i know for sure i'm going to get a eq pedel from boss about 79.98 but there nearly indeistructable even know they are pretty exspensive they last forever then i'm going to get a chorus cause i went to guitar center and played one and really liked it, also about distortion my friend has a death metal distortion pedel for regular guitar and he brought it over today and i was messing with it and on one of are songe were our guitarest does a reall kick a$$ solo i play 2 and 3 rea;;y fast like going 2323232323 and then i go to 1 and 2 and play it the same and i guess it was the reverb on it because it made it easyer to paly it because i didnt have to pick it that past i was pretty much doing hammer-ons and i really liked it ( even though its made for a guitar) i guess i might buy one there about 45 bucks but dunno would it hurt my bass or amp any cause it didnt effect it today but i mean like over a time playing it?
  17. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Okay...two things: First, that was, like, 1 giant sentence! ARGH!!! Very difficult to read a 20 line sentence stacked with typographical errors. Not to get on your case, because I'm not your English teacher, but other people actually have to read this. Try to be a little more aware, okay?

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry about an effects pedal ruining your amp. I would worry, however, the quality of some of the pedals you mentioned. Through your little Crate, you may not notice a difference, and that's fine. Just be aware of what you're buying.
  18. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    Five dollars for the use of a period (.).

    Seriously, I'll send you the cash, please.
  19. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    You talkin' to me???

    Seriously, we all use these boards as teachers and as learners. However, one commonality that we must all agree on is communication. Some may have difficulty, particularly if a language barrier exists. However, we should all try to respect any potential readers of these threads.

    Do you have a problem with good grammar?:confused:

    Oh...I'll take the cash anyway. PM me and I'll give you the address you should send it to;)
  20. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    I wasn't criticising grammer skills at all. I was trying to make a funny (see, I used a smiley), while gently pointing out that posting in that manner was a bit hard for me to read.

    I think there's a difference between varying levels of communications skills and not even trying in the least to make something readable . . .
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