pedulla mvp, string quest

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Ali B, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. I'm on a mission.
    I'm trying to find a brand and gauge which has both the feel and tone I like.

    The feel is easiest to describe
    flexible light gauge:- dr fat beams 40-100 or d'addario XL220 (apart from stiff D)at a pinch
    ti jazz round are slightly too flexy on E + A

    The sound .. tricky,
    nickel, bouncy with a throaty burp when digging in or slapping :- the D from the XL's does it but not the other strings. ernie extra slinky 40-95 have the right sound if detuned a tone but I dont want to. a warwick thumb has much the right sound, in sanitized form.

    TB'ers pet strings which haven't set my ears or fingers alight..

    sunbeams- just too bright and sharp on an mvp. popping the c on the g string makes me wince and just not 'burpy'

    TI jazz round- a bit too understated in the treble, way too growly digging in on p pickup
    but gorgeous on the buzz (fretless mvp)

    I play lightly with low relief and action, mostly fingerstyle some slap and plectrum.
    the mvp (for those that don't know) is all maple, through neck with ebony board, so is naturally broad spectrum and tends to harsh treble with bright strings like (any) DR. the lows are deep and clear

    pause for breath!

    can anyone help me, I'm spending a fortune I can't really afford!
  2. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    as i said before, some basses goes batter with other brands.
    i have 3 basses and each one of them is with a diffrent brand : my jazz - ken smith nickel, my pedulla pentabuzz fretless is with labella slappers and my warwick (look a like :D ) 5 is with D'Darrio's (although i want to change them).
    i say you better try the ken smith ones (i play a lot of fingerstyle) cause they are relatively cheap and last long. IMO. :D
  3. not fussed about price or longevity if they sound and feel right (see original post for detail)

    do the smiths fit the bill
  4. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    Israel when the humidity as at the worest state ever :D , it's a true test to the strings.
    i tried all my nickel sets and played on them equally, and the ken smith feels best for me.
    the labella are really smooth but they are not really good for slap style.
    i say you should buy ken smith and labella and
    see what's best for you.
  5. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    ohh..and the smith sounds good also.
    but buy only nickel for your style !!
  6. thanks for all the interest Asaf,

    please describe the sound of the smiths and labellas in detail,compare them if you can to strings I know (see top post).

    I understand they will not sound the same on my bass as they do on yours, but description such as -stiffer than DR- or -bouncier than ernie ball-will help me form a mental picture of the sound and help me decide whether to spend hard earned cash. Some of these brands not easy to find in uk and will have to be bought internationally.

    in short,
    Details, I need details! :D
  7. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    if u're in the u.k maybe u should try elites ?
    i heard they are good.
    as for the sound :
    the ken smith are bright and not as hard as the dr's, i used to use dr's and they we're too rough.
    the dr are very thick, the smith are smooth but hard enough for slap, and smooth enough for finger style.
    i feel that the smiths are warm...(only nickel ones), and that they have enough warm sound for r&b, and jazz.
    but all of these things depends also on the setup of the bassguitar !!! (the tension on the string, the action)...
    anyway i tried everything...and in my taste the smith feels best, and sound best !!
    the price is's cheaper the DR.
    the labells i think are too soft for u, but they are the most smooth strings in my taste.
  8. You've given me lots to think about, Asaf, Thank you:D

    when you describe labella as soft, do you mean sound or feel?:confused:

    will probably try elites sometime.
    I remember being unimpressed by the stainless elites (or was it just more impressed by something else?), but my tastes, gauges and amplifier have changed since then and I don't think they even made a nickel string back then!
  9. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    as far as i know they make nickel now, and for your taste and feel go for nickel always.
    it's warm, smooth, and sounds right to my ears (not too much metal sound).
    as for gauge go for 105. - .045 - for sure !!
    try the elites and if not move on to ken smiths
    i can recommend you a good website. (which it will cost 20$ a set, in israel it goes to 35$ !!)
    the labella are softer in sound and in feel, and they are smoother them most strings - so they go good for fretless.
  10. yes elites players are nickel, stadium are ss.

    :bag:I'm definately going for light, 40-100 or 40-95.
    hex core 45's give me tendonitis.{round core like DR at 45 feel like most hex 40's so they are ok,but they are just too bright on my mvp, even the sunbeams.}

    so elite player, then smith burners, labella slappers and probably d'addario slowound.:bassist:

    searches on TB comparing them to xl sound promising. I nearly love the sound of the xl so they may be a step in the right direction

    thanks again Asaf, no one else seems to care!:crying:
  11. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    now that i've looked backwards i saw that your buzz is fretless !! now that makes the things different.
    on my MVP PENTABUZZ (fretless) i use LABELLA SLAPPERS and
    im gonna move to ken smith cause it's really expensive here (the labella's) and everywhere...:D .
    as for gauge for a much more fuller sound you must use the 105-045...IMO.
    try the elites, then labella and at the end go for the ken smith ones.
    as for the sounds odd to me that the gauge of the strings is what makes it.
    when i was in the army (3 godamn years:mad: )
    i used to come home once in 2 weeks or even less and play my 105-045 and nothing happend to me...
    maybe you are playing wrong ? too strong ?
    anyway talk to ya,
  12. pedulla mvp are fretted, buzz is fretless version of the mvp.

    once I know which string for the fretted ,the fretless will be easy.

    tendonitis is usually with stiff unresponsive (or dead) strings that aren't speaking properly, so I expect I play a bit harder. probably caused by a slightly broken wrist at school many years ago.

    my technique is well sorted and the bass well positioned so these are not the issue!

    round core 45 (DR) do not give me a problem
    hex core 45 are stiffer so I will avoid them

    40s or 35 will give me the ease of playing and bouncy tone I desire.

    Don't worry!my all-valve eden head, 410 + 115 will not let them sound weedy!

    see ya

  13. wiggleworm

    wiggleworm Guest

    May 29, 2003
    Hey there,

    I have a fretted Pedulla bass... I'm currently using Thomastik Infeld Jazz Flats, which I know isn't the sound you're looking for. However, for many years I used the Ken Smith strings on that bass. They are called Slap Masters and the gauge was very light, .030-.090... they are stainless and cost about $20. I believe the same gauge is available in nickel but I've never tried them.

    In my experience, the light gauge Ken Smith strings on a Pedulla sound and feel incredible. Pedulla necks are very straight and with low action and the light gauge strings are easy to play. You could also get a .035-.095 or .040-.100 if you prefer. The sound? very nice midrange with an almost vocal character. Cuts through well like a warwick. Excellent for slap & tap.

    The other strings I've tried that sound good on the fretted pedulla are the TI jazz flats and R. Cocco (not sure if they're still made).

  14. Asaf


    Jun 9, 2003
    right on !! another ken smith fan !! :D :D
    well actually i once tried the Thomastik Infeld
    and they we're cool but too expensive for me...:mad:
    well - told you so Ali.
  15. yes you did Asaf!:D

    thanks for the input Wiggleworm!:hyper:

    thats 100% vote for the smiths
    any mp3 sound clips guys?

    don't you just love those Pedullas:bassist: !!
  16. Dricoman


    Apr 19, 2013
    Mesa Arizona
    I just picked up a 1987 MVP fretted on craigslist that had the pick ups replaced with emg's and was wondering what strings you guys recommend. I have to wonder what it would sound like with the original Bart pick ups it came with and the owner gave me the
    complete electronics including the Bart pick ups that he had replaced. What a nice bass. I payed $550.00
  17. iiipopes

    iiipopes Supporting Member

    May 4, 2009
    Ken Smith strings are made by GHS.

    GHS has a new line of round core Boomers. They are worth a try.

    D'Addario new FlexSteels also sound similar to my ears on the demo videos I have seen to what you are describing.