SOLD Pedulla Pentabuzz - 1988 model

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    IMG_0635.JPG Make: Pedulla
    Model: Pentabuzz
    Serial number: 2057
    Year of Manufacture: 1988
    Weight: 9.25 lbs (4.2 kg)
    Condition: Good
    Finish: Natural/Oil (headstock: original bluish-green, more info below)
    Scale: 34
    Body/Neck: Maple, neck-thru.
    Fingerboard: Ebony, lined, gloss polyester coated.
    Pickups: Bartolini, PJ configuration
    Electronics: Active, Bartolini
    Machine heads: Schaller - the older, thicker style.
    Truss rod: perfect condition. It's hex, not the newer square config that requires a special Pedulla wrench. I never needed to adjust it.
    Nut: Brass
    Strings: LaBella Deep Talkin' Flats*
    IMG_0635.JPG IMG_0649.JPG IMG_0648.JPG IMG_0647.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0639.JPG IMG_0637.JPG IMG_0636.JPG IMG_0631.JPG IMG_0630.JPG IMG_0629.JPG
    I bought the hardcase separately: included.
    Purchased this in 2009; I'm the 4th owner. I'm selling mainly because I don't use it. I've gravitated more towards P-basses. It's only been used at maybe 5 gigs and a handful of times noodling in the house. So I'm freeing up some space - reducing the accumulated GAS inventory to something more in line with what I need.

    About the finish: the original blue-green was stripped two owners ago. Apparently he knew what he was doing and had built his fair share of basses. Definitely looks like a pro job, i.e. if it wasn't for the headstock color, you would think this was an original natural finish. He left the headstock as-is to preserve the Pedulla logo.

    I replaced the silver knobs (included) with wooden ones (I thought they blended nice with the natural finish). Fingerboard has some wear along the edge, but only where it meets the body. And there is a small void in the poly under the G string at the 21st fret (E). Unless you do a lot of higher register playing, you won't be affected (I never was). I'm sure a luthier could fill this no problem if need be. This was all there when I bought it in 2009. Since it's been played sparingly, it is in great shape - especially considering it's 33 years old.

    * Included: 2 sets of strings: D'Addario nickel roundwounds and D'Addario Chromes. Bass currently has LaBellas on it.
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