Pedulla Thunderbolt 5&6: Which do I keep?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jsonnenblick, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. OK, I know this is the kind of "problem" a lot of people would love to have, but I need some advice. . .

    Due to the strange twists of fate inherent in bass trading, I now own two Pedulla T-bolts -- a 5 and a 6. It makes sense to keep one and trade the other, but which should I keep?

    The 5 is fairly banged up, and is somewhat less valuable because it has fewer strings. However, it has the upgraded 2-band EQ, which was worth a couple of hundred bucks when the bass was new.

    The 6 is in MINTY condition, but has the less-fancy passive tone control and "thunderguts" switch. Tonally, it's less aggressive-sounding than the 5, which makes it fairly unslappable. However, its tone is remarkably clear and even.

    So can anyone advise me, especially on your opinion of the 2 different electronics packages?

    Thanks. . .
  2. Hey Jordan,
    Glad to see you back here! I was in the same situation as you were, until I traded the T-Bolt 6 and then the T-Bolt 5 (that you now own). Is the 6 a AAA top in peacock blue? Just curious, as it would be really funny if you now simultaneously own two basses that I used to own.

    Of course, it would seem that the 6 has better trade value, but I guess that it depends on what other basses you've got currently. I would choose to keep the one that sounds most unlike any other bass I owned.

    Good luck!
    PS-I'm on Brubaker #3 now, thanks for the blueburst!
  3. Hey, Funky! Yes, it was a pleasure doing business with you! Congrats on the new Brubaker -- those are monster basses.

    The 6-string is bright red over a very flamey top, so it's not yet another bass of yours. . .