Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

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  1. Time to thin the herd... finding I don't miss the low B when I play gigs on a 4-string. Smooth response from fret 1 to fret 22, true intonation throughout the fingerboard, and really responsive to the touch (like a Pedulla should). This is not in the Zon/Modulus graphite class -- the rosewood fingerboard and bolt-on neck give the warmth of a J-bass, but with an extended low-end response thanks to the Bartolinis. And look out when you flip the "Thunderguts" switch -- this does wonders with a tube preamp, really gets a growl!

    I am the second owner of this bass, which I've had for 3 years. There is a blemish on the back of the bass (from the factory, sold at a discount originally), and there are nicks & dings commensurate with a 6-year-old instrument that has seen a moderate amount of use. Hardshell case is included. Asking $650, plus shipping from San Jose, CA.

    Pictures are here:

    Specs are here:

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    - Mark