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Peg box arrangment.

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by fuzzy beard, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. When i bought my bass the peg box was arranged like you would a bass with a C extension with the E string being ran to the highest tuner on the player side.

    Do to a newbie mistake i trimed my E string of my new set to short and it kept slipping in this tuner. So i restrung my bass so the E would be in the lowest tuner and the A in the top one on the player side.

    Wow! That small change really brought my A string alive! Now this seems to be different from what i have read on here about others having more luck the other way.

    So i guess each bass is just very different. Latest lessions learned on DB is dont trim strings so short and experement to see if there are small things you can do to improve your sound.
  2. If I understand your post, the strings from the nut to the scroll are EGAD. Is that right?
  3. rgarcia26


    Jun 9, 2008
    Miami Florida
    Isnt just standar the E on the lower peg for the bass player side and A on the higher?

    then on the other side D on the Higher and G on the lower...

    I am newbe too but this the arragement that makes more sense to me, based in other stings instruments that I owned in the past.
  4. Eric Hochberg

    Eric Hochberg

    Jul 7, 2004
    Yes, that is standard, but many players get a "better" response reversing the E and A strings. I prefer that setup on both my basses.
  5. rgarcia26


    Jun 9, 2008
    Miami Florida
    Ok I learned something new today ;)

    A new arrangement would be a little confusing to me I am always use the same sequence of strings for all strings instrumentsÂ…

    Its so weird that every small change to a DB can affect the sound of the instrument.
  6. From nut to scroll was AGED I changed it to EGAD when the E string kept slipping. I found this to fix my weak A string issue. I know others find that switching the A and the E to the way my bass was when I bought it to improve there A string but it must not be for all basses.
  7. Eric Hochberg

    Eric Hochberg

    Jul 7, 2004
    Not necessarily to improve the A, just to change the balance. I found my E string was more vibrant and the bass felt a bit looser with the E on the A peg. This is something my luthier told me about 30 years ago and it has made every bass I've tried it on sound and feel better, IMO.
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  8. Bill Edgerton

    Bill Edgerton

    Mar 28, 2015
    Why not arrange the strings (lower to higher pegs) G, D, A, and E? I know it's unorthodox but wouldn't the lower (thicker) strings do better with more room to vibrate? Currently my Upton Bass is strung (lower to higher pegs) G, E, D, A and I think that's an improvement over the traditional EGAD.
    Any comments?
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  9. Steven Ayres

    Steven Ayres Supporting Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Northern Arizona
    I set up my five-strings CGDAE (low to high in box), primarily because with three rollers on the bass side, the break angle over the nut for the E string is much more acute than the standard four-string setup. I haven't noticed any improvement in string response, but it doesn't sound worse, either. Something to try on the fours, I guess!
  10. Grant the Canuk

    Grant the Canuk Supporting Member

    Aug 19, 2008
    Ottawa, ON. Canada
    I have GDAE shortest to longest forelength. I bought a bass years ago that was set up like that and got used to it so I always set them up like that. Not sure if it makes any difference.
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  11. MrBluesBass

    MrBluesBass Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    I have the strings GDAE on my 54 King Mortone and it really seemed to open up the voice on both my E and A strings. Using traditional pegbox arrangement IMO left me wondering why many seemed to like Spiro Weichs. After chasing my sound with a couple of different string sets the bass is currently strung with Zyex Mediums and I fully intend to get the Spiros back on to see how the GDAE works on the Weichs. Traditional pegbox arrangement just sounded "choked" for sound at the 3rd position with both the E and A. The Weichs were on the Mortone when I purchased and I'm a newbie who has only played out on a couple of songs at my church.
  12. Don’t trim your strings!
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