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  1. So what does everyone think of Peggy Foster?

    She played bass for Steve Vai on a couple of tracks on his Flexable album.

    I looked her up, turns out she lives really close to where I am.:hyper:

    The thing is, I checked out her Myspace page and this woman sounds absolutely terrible to me. She cannot sing at all. I'm wondering what Steve was doing with her playing on his album? Given that album was from his early days, and really not his best, but whatever. Is she a brilliant bassist that just can't sing, or what?
  2. Funny ---> the fourth song down on her player is called: "If You Can't Sing, Don't".

    Actually - I haven't heard her yet - as I'm listening to right now and Bill Handel is getting peeved at 'idiots and morons' calling on "Handel On The Law" and it's too interesting to interrupt yet.

    After he's off, I'll give her a listen, but somehow if she's a good bassist, then that may be her real redemption value to other musicians anyway.

    I know I can't sing when I'm playing bass - and yet I get invited to play with other bands.
  3. I used to listen to Handel on the Law on Saturday mornings, but I completely forgot about Bill Handel and his radio show until you just mentioned it.:hyper:
    I should start listening again. Great radio show.

    See, I can't tell if she's any good as a bassist or not from her Myspace, because it's just singer/songwriter type of stuff.
    No bass playing to listen to.
  4. zombywoof5050


    Dec 20, 2001
    Here's a song she plays on from the "Flexable" album, called "Salamanders In The Sun". I got this album right when it first came out, and I've always liked this song a lot.

  5. Salamanders In The Sun is the same melody from Zappa's "Toads of The Short Forest" off of Weasels Ripped My Flesh.
  6. No one?

    SurferJoe, you didn't take Bill Handel's advice of jumping off a building to fix your credit problems, did you?

    BASSDROID Bass-o-matic Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 22, 2007
    Port Huron, Michigan
    Looks like she's posted a video of one of her bass solos:

    That's a uber rare Travis Bean Wedge bass...sweet!:cool:

    I'm guessing that given her history as bass player for the Runaways, she brings the attitude (presence) and solid accompaniment skills rather than virtuosic chops.
  8. Lessee - that was 09/08/2010 --- right? At 7:57PM?

    I missed your post entirely!

    Sorry dude!

    My legs are healing nicely, thank-you.

    The show had Bill at The White House in Anasleim this morning. Did you hear his show today?

    I'll miss the Saturday show as I'll be in Mira Loma for the day. Take good notes for me.

    Back on topic: I still haven't heard her sing.
  9. peggyfoster


    Jan 13, 2010
    Hi Guys,
    I totally agree with you - my voice is not pretty at all ! That's why the name of my CD is "You Sing Better Than I Do So Cover These Great Tunes by P. F. Bacon" - it's a songwriter demo, not a consumer product. Fortunately, some groups and solo artists like my songs and are performing them in their shows; two groups are recording CD's using some of my songs - I love to hear my songs done by people who can really sing ! I'm a bassplayer, songwriter, engineer, producer, and arranger, with some other skills that make me handy to have in a group . When I play with groups I stand in the back next to the drummer and play bass:bassist:. I do play guitar or piano and sing original songs for groups of people (mostly musicians) but everyone pardons my voice because they know they are listening to a songwriter/storyteller.

    BASSDROID Bass-o-matic Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 22, 2007
    Port Huron, Michigan
    Hey Peggy, I'll always remember hearing Flexable for the first time around '87 or so. Kudos for some great work on there, and thanks for filling us in. With that skill set I can see why you were on those recordings.
  11. john houston

    john houston

    Dec 10, 2010
    Hi Peggy, such a joy to hang out with you at THE STUDIO (Hurricane Utah). Thanx for sitting in on the Jerone Wedig project (using my Kramer Duke Bass, nearly a "Travis Bean"). Look forward to working with you in the future! John Houston

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