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People with semi-hollowbody basses?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FlatNate, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. Hey, this is my first time posting here, and this looks like a really good forum. I just acquired a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Signature bass, and I must admitt I am in love with the thing. The tone is incredible. I was wondering if anyone around here has had experience with the Gibson or even the Epiphone Jack Cassady model, or other hollowbody basses? What strings work well on them (how would flatwounds sound on the thing)? A second question would be if anyone knows where I could get a different case for it, perhaps an Epiphone case for the Jack Cassady model? The case that it came in isn't original and weigh's about two tons. Any other experiences with the thing would be really fun to read.
  2. hey nate,

    can't really answer your questions, but Welcome to talkbass!
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Welcome Nate :) . You'll probably be hearin' from Michael Jewels, among others.
    M/J's got a Epi Casady and is pretty fond of it. Me too! (got a vintage sunburst) :) .
    Flats sound great on `em (IMO). Although I think Jack himself uses Blue Steels.
    I've tried GHS Precision Flats (3050) & Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats (JF344).
    Both were good. The T/I's had a little better feel. Now I've got Rotosound
    RS88-LD tapewounds on it. Kind of a weird, woody "snarl" :D .
    I think Michael J. is sold on Rotosound RS77 Jazz Bass (flats).
    I contacted Musician's Friend a while back about a Casady case.
    At the time, I believe they quoted $85 for a HSC.
    I get a REAL sweet, articulate tone through my Ampeg B-15R.
    Set the pre to ~7, the post to ~4 (li'l compression), and
    the Varitone on the bass to 3 ("max snarl")...who let the WOLVES out? :p
  4. Hey Nate,
    I've got a Reverend Rumblefish bass, which is semi-hollow. I used nickel roundwounds on it for the first two years, and it sounded great. Now I've got a set of TI Jazz Flats on there, and it sounds equally good. Just try a few different sets and see which sounds the best on that bass. Have fun!
  5. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    so in your opinion a jack casady could beat a good mexican fender p bass? i ask this besause the MIM pbass and the casady are the two contendents to be my next bass, i need a fat but not muddy bass to complete the sound of my rickenbacker.
    thanks for the advices
  6. Hey Barroso,
    I would definately check out the Epiphone. If it is anything like the Gibson, it could have the tone you want. Not to good for slap and that kind of stuff, but I can dig the looks. If you can, go and play one and compare the two basses before ya buy. Hope it all works out for ya.
  7. Hey FlatNate, welcome to talkbass, you'll like it here.

    Notduane was right, here I am, I smelled this thread, and my computer wasn't even on!

    I have an Epi Jack Casady, and I can't say enough
    good things about it. The bass you have is the one that the Casady's based on, I think. I haven't seen the two side by side, but, apart from being made by different manufacturers ( although Gibson and Epiphone drink from the same cup ) I think they're pretty much identical. I wrote a review on the Casady back in January. You can access it by going
    into my name, and using the option that says: search all posts by this member, or something to that effect. It's pretty far back, but it's there.

    As far as the case and the strings go, Notduane hit
    the bull's eye. I have Rotosound Jazz flats on mine, and love the sound. IMHO these basses were made
    for flatwounds. For a really excellent sound, turn the midrange all the way down on your amp, and boost the bass a little; treble to taste. See what I mean?

    Congrats on your bass, I'd write more now, but have to go. I'm sure we'll talk again. Oh, there's another member here that has your bass too; nice guy- goes by the name boogiebass. He's probably on his way here too.

    Barroso, I didn't know you were considering a Casady? If so, read my review. You can't go wrong.
    P-basses are great, but the Casady is so warm sounding. They are in the same tone class, but, as
    always, you have to hear one live.

    Gotta go, talk to you all soon,

    Mike J.
  8. i also have a EPI, i have a rivoli 2 and i love its tone. still using round wounds.
    sounds real nice pluged into a SWR WK15.

    oh yea and welcome.

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