People You Follow and Your News Feed - you're missing out

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Most of you probably know this already. Here goes anyways.

    I was wondering if following TBrs was of any benefit as far as seeing their posts.

    Sure enough, their posts are displayed in Your News Feed. Wow, a cool way to see posts only from people you like, respect, love, post cool info or are just plain funny. And, you can even put yourself on your follow list to review your posts as they come up.

    When you click on your avatar at the top of the page you'll see People You Follow and Your News Feed on the right side of the drop-down menu.

    To follow a TBr, click on their avatar and click Follow.

    I find that I can review many posts in a short time and find really interesting stuff I would have missing checking out Alerts or New Posts or looking through posts in each forum or waiting for emails. :thumbsup:
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