Peppi from the Good Rats has passed away

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  1. We lost a NJ icon today

    Hi guys,I I found out the sad news this morning that peppi from the good rats died. Thought i would pass it along.
  2. I was going to post this news today but you beat me to it. I was hoping there were some Rat fans on the board. Growing up on LI I have been listening to the Rats since the late 70s and always managed to catch their yearly reunion shows (saw the last one this past March at BB King's). Peppi was an amazing songwriter and live performer who always gave 110%. This news saddens me, but I still have all those memories of live shows and albums to cherish.

    For those of you out there who have either never heard of The Good Rats or never had a chance to see them live, you missed what live performances should be. This means not just hearing songs played live, but an absolute evening of entertainment replete with music, jokes and audience interaction.

    RIP Peppi. You will be missed.
  3. Very well put. I found the Good Rats back when they were playing in Mothers in Wayne NJ. I got to know them all well. We went to a ton of their shows. I last time saw them they played in Jks Boathouse in my home town of Belleville,NJ they played there the weekends we didn't. Peppi had slowed down a little but man could he still deliver a song like no one else. When I heard of his passing I was hoping it wasn't true but I read Mickey's posting so it hit home RIP Peppi you were one of a kind and I was so proud in the 80's when they played MSG now he is on the biggest stage of his career. my favorite line

    We had a man named crazy Art
    He overplayed his bass a lot
    We had to kick him in the pants
    His fingers moved like bodies dance

    He couldn't play tasty
    Tasty like this
    Man Yeah
    Tasy Tasty aint it time we mellowed out