perfect px3b pandora bass multi effects box

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  1. This box has a built in 50 effects and 50 effects that you can alter. And add effects to the effects like echoes and stadium and other awsome sounds. Every effect you can imagine. Also a built in tuner; drum machine with over like 70 beats and; metronome; 16 second playback and slowdown; and you can hook it up to a cd player or receiver and playback off it or play into it; headphones/aux input(1/8 inch) and in and out (1/4 inch) bass boost great buy and perfect condition uses 4 aaa batteries. :cool: :D :p best offer goes

    buy me now great deal
  2. Captain Digital

    Captain Digital

    Sep 23, 2001
    Plano TX
    How much?
  3. I would like to get $150 but ill listin to any offers.
    logan write back
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