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Perfect setup for small gigs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Zemak, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. interp

    interp Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2005
    Garmisch, Germany
    My small gig rig. Size—great, weight—not so much (but the VL-208 is easy to handle).

    Attached Files:

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  2. chris_b


    Jun 2, 2007
    My small gig rig was a Bergantino AE112 with what ever amp I was using at the time, mostly a Thunderfunk 550.

    They have been sold so my rig for small gigs these days is an Aguilar TH500 and either 1 or 2 Barefaced One10's.
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  3. dbase

    dbase Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    South Jersey, USA..
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  4. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Mine is Series III, but I feel the same.
  5. LanEvo

    LanEvo Supporting Member

    Mar 10, 2008
    I'm still working with the Phil Jones Bass Briefcase (2x5" 100w). Recently added the Briefcase Ultimate (same thing, twice the power) in the optional wood finish.


    I think I still prefer the sound of the original verison, but the extra volume of the Ultimate is useful. The wood finish is really well done. Too pretty to gig:

  6. Omg, these are soooo beautiful :)
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  7. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Summit TD-100 on SWR LA-8 with replacement Celestion 8”. Louder than stock LA-8 while fuller range. Summit fits in padded tambourine bag. Excellent for acoustic practices, house concerts & small gigs. It’s nice to have big roaring sound with volume the level of other instruments. If you say take a big amp and turn it down you are missing a treat.
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  8. fhm555

    fhm555 So FOS my eyes are brown Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2011
    This has been my small room rig for many many years. It can keep up with a couple of electric guitars and a drummer, provided they know how to control their volume in a small room. It’s also my brother’s go to amp when he wants to mic a bass for recording. I’m sure it is not as refined as the more modern stuff, but it has always delivered and i’ve never had any complaints from those i’ve used it with.

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  9. jthisdell

    jthisdell Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2014
    Roanoke, VA
    ToneHammer 500 + Berg CN210 or CN112 or a Barefaced One 10. I'd like to put the Bergs together but have not had a big enough gig to justify it yet.
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  10. What amp head with that tiny swr cab?
  11. This is my small to medium gig rig (minus the PA head). Depends on whether I use one cab or 2. In the same tonal family as my 'big rig'.

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  12. funkinbottom

    funkinbottom Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    Northern CA.
    For smaller gigs I use my 2-8 and TC Electronic BH250.

    DF 8- 4.
  13. LanEvo

    LanEvo Supporting Member

    Mar 10, 2008
    It's the only bass amp my wife will let me keep in the living room LOL.

    The wood itself is very nice, but the finish is really spectacular. Super deep and glossy with a very nicely done sunburst. Here's another shot...

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  14. mesaplayer83


    Jun 27, 2017
    That is pretty - very nice!!!
  15. Rumble 100. Small gigs? Traynor Small block or Fender Rumble 100. Only Class D and neodymium these days.
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  16. MyMusic


    Jun 1, 2010
    Dover, De
    All I need is my Carvin stuff.:bassist::) Mini Carvin BX250 and 112AG.JPG
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  17. JRA

    JRA my words = opinion Supporting Member

    Zemak : very nice! glad it's so versatile for you! :thumbsup:

    all of these small rigs look great. only envy here!
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  18. I made my mini-rig for under $200.00. Bought the TC BH250 for 150.00 off of Craigslist and had the GK115LB sitting in storage. Plenty loud for most small gigs and the GK115LB has a little "Kickstand" to angle it upwards. 20180315_102915.
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  19. Joedog


    Jan 28, 2010
    Pensacola FL
    I'm pretty fond of my little Yorkville 50KW combo. 50W, 10" speaker. It actually sounds deeper than my Genz Benz Contour 15" combo. Not as loud of course, but plenty loud for acoustic type gigs, w/great tone. Very light, 2 channels, and even a mic. input. Pretty versatile little bugger. Just wish it had a tweeter attenuator.
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  20. fhm555

    fhm555 So FOS my eyes are brown Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2011
    It’s a 60W combo

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