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Perfect speaker for Bassman 100/200 amps

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by LoveThatBass, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. I purchased an Eminence Kappa 15C (only USA Eminence 4 ohm choice)
    This speaker is loud and Articulate. It is rated 30hz-2500hz @ 450 watts continuous 102db spl.
    I had to turn the settings down at home as it shook the walls and rattled the closet bifolding door at the settings of the original speaker. I am not saying this is the best speaker on the market..JBL and EV probably share that title but if is a lot less money for sure and does the job well.
    I have a Fender Deluxe Zone Bass with P and J pickups and equalizer preamp. The speaker comes with front and back gasket already on it.
    Anyone who has the Fender Bassman solid state amp should consider this speaker for an upgrade.
  2. LTB - Perhaps it's the thang for you, but my suspicion would be that the speaker is mismatched to the cabinet. All those specs are used to design the cabinet, and to just drop a speaker in usually causes all kinds of deformities inthe frequency response. Did you run WinISD or any other box design program to see if the speaker "fits" the cabinet?
  3. Basstrader
    The Solid State Bassman 100 is not a true enclosed cab. It has a vent at the bottom of the front of the cab that runs the full width which allows for some of the sound from the back of the speaker to eminate from the front. In my mind this made it sort of like an Open cab to a degree which in dealing with an open cab size does not matter to the degree the size baffles used in the back does. The interior "speaker" space of the Bassman 100 is aproximately 3.0 Cubic ft. (doesn't include the amp section at the top) and vented at the bottom of the front of the cab.

    If you look at the Eminence Spec sheet for the Kappa 15C it clearly states "Recommended enclosure volume (vented) of 2.25 to 3.75 cubic feet.


    Having said this...I am still in the testing phase...I ran the amp at 3/4 today. The speaker is still breaking in. When I started the lowest lows were farting out...after playing it for an hour at 2/3 volume and all tone controls at neutral...it is doing better but still needs some more breaking in. Other than the lowest of lows (bass turned up 3/4)...it has a very wide range of tonal possibilities. Much more than it had...and sounds quite a bit louder...now a heck of a lot louder...it shakes the walls. I will report back my findings after playing it for several days. If this is not its fullest capability all I can say is wow...much better than it was with the stock speaker.
    By the way...I have not used design criteria in 20 years since I designed and built some rather large Stereo speakers. I had to do it all with a calculator and by pencil and paper...so I thank you for the info about the design program. Must be a lot easier...it took me days back then with the old methods trying to get the size to match the style of music I listened to and the speakers parameters.

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