SOLD Perfect USA G&L MJ-4 Black with Vintage Tint Neck/Headstock

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    Jan 25, 2013
    I'm a very motivated seller! Just bought another bass so I have to make room on the wall. :) I will listen to all "reasonable" offers and I'll also take care of shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions or want additional pictures. This is a beautiful AMERICAN MADE instrument at a remarkable price!


    Selling a VERY lightly used USA G&L MJ-4. Purchased new about one year ago but just doesn't get enough use.

    Highlights other than standard specs are:
    • Professionally setup by Benny Rodriguez in SF Bay Area
    • Strung during setup with Ernie Ball Cobalts
    • Swamp Ash body (slightly lighter)
    • Satin Vintage Tint neck with matching Vintage Tint headstock
    I am selling only because she deserves to be played more!

    Shipping is negotiable. Please see complete specs on G&L custom build specifications picture.

    Please PM me with any questions. IMG_8034.jpg IMG_8035.jpg IMG_8038.jpg IMG_8033.jpg IMG_8036.jpg IMG_8037.jpg IMG_8034.jpg IMG_8033.jpg IMG_8035.jpg IMG_8038.jpg IMG_8037.jpg IMG_8036.jpg
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