Perhaps the most awesome metal band ever.

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    The first song is pretty awesome, I must say. I also must warn you guys, make sure to listen to the ENTIRE song. It gets even more amazing. All of these songs are great though.

    I have never found a band that has made me laugh this much... ever. I'm sure this brand of humor won't be for everyone, but I have been laughing out loud for the past half hour now.

    Noteworthy quotes:

    "I'm F******* dressed like the GRIM REAPER!!! I'm METAL..... METAL LIKE AN ELEPHANT"

    "I think my penis just popped because I screamed so hard"

    "If I was a fat kid still I would be out of breath, but I stopped eating cake... thats ******** I still eat cake."

    I'm pretty sure most of the vocals are actually improved. I read that on some page talking about this band.

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