Peter Lindgren leaves Opeth!

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  1. Major, major bummer. Opeth has been he and Mike's life for the past 16 or so years and the one time I've seen them live, he was awesome.

    According to the news on, the long months of touring took its toll and his enthusiasm- being able to put in 100% to the band– was something he felt he didn't have in him anymore.

    They announced a replacement already. Guy's name is Akesson and apparently he subbed for Arch Enemy once. Mike rates him as one of the top 3 guitarists in Sweden.

    Best wishes to Peter! Hope the band continues going strong. :crying::bassist::D
  2. I think Opeth without Peter we will not be the same.:crying:
    But well, the ex-arch enemy guitarist as the official replacement, so cool!!!:hyper:
    He just need to fit the Opeth's style (progressive, not only metal).
    But like michael say, "opeth will be dead the day it will be only metal".
    So it's just a new chapter in opeth's story. Not better, not worse, just different. I hope...:meh:
    Anyway... Long life to opeth!!!!:D :bassist:
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    Yeah but it's notl ike the "Ex-Archy Enemy Guitarist" is one of the Amott brothers.
  4. Its not like Arch Enemy are any good...

    Still there's been enough lineup changes in the band's history. Does anyone really know how much Peter Lindgren contributed writing wise?
  5. idoru


    Dec 18, 2005
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    Damn hey, starting to become a revolving door in the Opeth camp!

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