SOLD Peterson StompClassic Strobotuner

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  1. Tbfus


    Feb 20, 2007
    North Carolina
    Peterson Stomp Classic Strobotuner
    Used but been in a road case and taken care of. Works great !
    AC not included!
    I have the manual but not the box.


    • 100% True Bypass Tuning

    • Guaranteed 0.1 Cent Note Detection And Display Resolution Over The Entire Tuning Range

    • Large, High-Contrast Display Is Easily Visible In Direct Sunlight

    • Ultra-Cool, Classic 70’s Conn Strobotuner Design

    • Sweetened Tuning™ Presets For Many Instruments

    • Buzz Feiten Tuning System ® Support

    • Fully Programmable Via USB From A PC Or Mac With Quick Access Favorites

    • Drop Tuning/Capo Tuning Auto-Transposition

    • Onboard, Professional Active DI (Mutable) With User-Selectable 3-Stage Attenuation

    • Heavy Duty, Die-Cast Chassis With 3PDT Stomp Switch

    • Switchcraft® Input/Output Jacks

    • Quick-Release Battery Access

    • Integrated Pedal-Board Mounting Lugs

    Technical Specifications

    • Size: 5.25in x 3.25in x 2.25in

    • Weight: 1lb. including battery

    • Power: 9VDC 80mA (Nominal)

    • Detection Accuracy: 0.1 cent (1/10th cent)

    • Display Resolution: 0.1 cent (1/10th cent)

    • Calibration: A=390Hz to A=490Hz

    • Temperaments: 23 preset Sweeteners

    • Programmability: Via USB Port

    • Input: ¼" jack

    • Outputs: ¼" jack (unbalanced)

    XLR (balanced)

    • Tuning Range: 8Hz to 8000Hz

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