Petra Haden...just wow..(King Crimson related content)

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    A bit of back story---Petra Haden is the daughter of renown jazz bassist Charlie Haden. She herself is a violinist/vocalist, was in a 90's alternative band That Dog, does a lot of sessions and interesting collaborations, and recently has been singing in jazz guitarist Bill Frisell's band. About 10 years ago, Mike Watt(of Minutemen/Firehose/Stooges fame, but you should know that)gave her an 8-channel cassette multitrack recorder(yes, an odd choice of gear, even then)and challenged her to record an acapella rendition of the entire "The Who Sell Out" album. Why that title in particular, who knows(no pun intended), but it's always been one of my favorite Who albums, their first attempt at a concept album and their brief flirting with psychedelia. Everything, drums, bass, guitars, vocals, weird sounds, were interpreted by Petra's voice via overdubs, not in exact measure(what would be the point in that?), and while a bit shaky in places, it was a monumental undertaking and has plenty of charm. She attempted some live performances in LA with a choir, another admirable feat. So now, with a substantial upgrade in recording technology, she's tackled one of KC's heavier tracks of the Wetton/Bruford era, as well as a 80's/Belew song(along with some other iconic tunes). Simply astounding. She's got a knack for picking up on the nuances of the arrangement, and injects quite a bit of humor(it's not a cold academic reading of the piece). Townshend and Daltry were reportedly impressed with her reimagining of "Sell Out", so hopefully we'll get some positive feedback from Fripp(but then again, with him being such an odd duck, who knows...). Anyway, here you go, prog Swingle Singers...

    and a little taste of 'Sell Out'...

    I'd love to hear her tackle some Sparks tunes.
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    Love Petra Haden since hearing about her through Watt. I'll have to check these out later and post her version of God Only Knows.
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    I only just discovered her last week when Bill Bruford shared her version of "Red" on his Facebook page. Really impressive. I love the attention to detail, and the charm/humor. And mad skillz of course.
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